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‘The Mole’ Season 2 Gets Netflix Release Date and New Host!


“The Mole” sounds like an intense series. The Mole story is hosted by new host (Ari Shapiro). The Mole series is soon to be released on Netflix. It’s a high-stakes reality competition show. A team of 12 players will play. They have to deposit money in 1 plot and ultimately only one player will be able to win.

One of these is a secret saboteur, “The Mole,” whose mission is to sabotage their efforts. The most exciting part is The player who plays with hard work and enthusiasm will win the prize and will get the gift” The Mole” pot. In the Mole season 2 has 10 episodes. We hope this season 2 is even more exciting.

Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of “The Mole” Season 2?

Get ready to watch the exciting series TheMoleS2.

“Get ready with excitement!” Now we are going to announce the date of “The Mole” season 2. June 28, fresh episodes of “The Mole” season 2 will hit your Netflix screens every Friday until the finale. This 10 episodes will be divided into three riveting sets.

  • Set 1: June 28 (Episodes 1–5)
  • Set 2: July 5 (Episodes 6–8)
  • Set 3: July 12 (Episodes 9–10)

Who is the host of “The Mole” season 2?

The Mole Season 2 Release Date

Ari Shapiron who is an award-winning journalist and host of NPR’s takes all hosting duties for season 2.  Shapiro is an American radio journalist. Shapiro’s journalism has won three national Edward R. Murrow awards; one for a global series that connected the dots between climate change, migration and far-right political leaders; another for his reporting on the life and death of Breonna Taylor; and a third for his coverage of the Trump Administration’s asylum policies on the US-Mexico border.

He was named Journalist of the Year in 2023 by NLGJA, the association of LGBTQ+ That same year, Shapiro published his New York Times bestselling debut memoir The Best Strangers In the World, chronicling his adventures as a journalist around the globe. Outside of his reporting work, Shapiro spends his time performing as a singer, having appeared alongside Alan Cumming and the band Pink Martini. Journalists.

“The Mole” Season 2 Plot

The Mole season 2 will be available to watch via streaming on Netflix on June 28.”The Moon series is a game of 12 players who contribute money one by one into the pot. In this game, only one player out of the 12 players will win. One of these is a secret saboteur, “The Mole,” whose mission is to sabotage their efforts. The game will be won by the player who plays it wisely.

Let’s take a look at the 12 players

Avori Henderson At 17, Avori was set to compete at the state level for the Miss Missouri beauty pageant when she got an incredible opportunity to play in a gaming tournament on Team USA after a video she uploaded went viral. Avori is a professional gamer.

Casey Lary is Covid ICU nurse. Before she was an English teacher.

Dom Gabriel is a Heavy Machine Operator.

Greg Shapiro works as a market research consultant behind his computer and refers to himself as a “professional troll.

Jacob Hacker is a Firefighter Paramedic Lieutenant. Jacob is an all-American guy who hopes his Midwestern charm and unwavering loyalty will help him succeed in The Mole.

Joi Schweitzer knows if she can control and manipulate a 200,000-pound aircraft, there’s no doubt she can control her competition in The Mole.

Kesi Neblett is a software developer.

Osei White is a real estate agent.

Pranav Patel does work at an intellectual property law firm.

Samara Joy is a mental health counselor.

Sandy Ronquillo is an ABA professional, Sandy provides behavioral therapy to children who have autism spectrum disorder.

William Richardson is a lifestyle brand manager.

Where to Watch the trailer of “The Mole”?

The Mole Season 2 Release Date

“THE MOLE” series trailer coming out. you can visit on The Mole  trailer link and share your reviews about The Mole series.

A series hosted by Ari Shapiron. In season 2 you can watch ten episodes. You can see in the episode how the players play the mole game. Who will be the winner.


The rating of the mole series is TV-PG. The language of the series is English.


The mole series hosted by Ari Shapion. You can watch the mole series on 28 June on Netflix.

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