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Who is the strongest captain in black clover?


Black Clover, written by Tabata Yuki, shows a world where mana (magical power) is very important, and those who can use it well are highly respected. But the irony is that the main character of this story is Asta, a magic knight who cannot sense mana, but can wield magic based powers.

The main character in the story is the Magic Knight Captain, who is the leader of nine special squads who protect the Clover Kingdom. Each Captain has excellent magical powers and specialties, which make the kingdom strong and stable. As the story progresses, they play an important role in the advancement of Captain Asta and Yuno.

Who is the Strongest Captain in Black Clover?

Although all the captains are powerful, we are particularly interested in learning about the one who possesses the most abilities.

Here is the list of the most powerful captains.

Who is the Strongest Captain in Black Clover?

  1. Julius Novachrono
  2. Mereoleona Vermillion
  3. Yami Sukehiro
  4. Nozel Silva
  5. Dorothy Unsworth
  6. Charlotte Roselei
  7. Rill Boismortier
  8. Kaiser Granvorka
  9. William Vangeance
  10. Jack the Ripper

10) Jack the Ripper

Mereoleona Black Clover has some powerful fighting geniuses, surpassing even her brother Fuegoleon Vermillion in stamina and combat ability. Mereoleona Vermillion has had excellent fighting skills since childhood. She became Crimson Squad Captain after her brother was injured when Clover Kingdom was attacked.

Mereoleona was supposed to be Captain of the Crimson Squad, but she is not interested in politics. She was also described as the first Mana Zone user. Later, she teaches Yami how to use the Mana Zone.

9) William Vangeance

William Vangeance is known for his calm nature, kindness, and loyalty. He is the captain of the Golden Dawn Squad, which is considered one of the most outstanding squads. William’s main magical ability is World Tree Magic, which allows him to create and control giant trees.

These trees can absorb and distribute mana, allowing William to harness their power. The Great Tree Mistletoein spell summons a large tree that can absorb mana and release it in a terrifying attack. Another spell, Yggdrasil’s Burst, can absorb mana from enemies and redistribute the energy among his allies.

8) Kaiser Granvorka

Kaizer Granvorka is a strong and loyal Magic Knight and captain of the Purple Orca Squad. He keeps his squad ready to protect them from dangers. Kaizer’s primary magical attribute is Vortex Magic, allowing him to create and control vortexes of various sizes and intensities.

7) Rill Boismortier

Rill Boysmortier is brilliant, artistic, and the Captain of the Azure Deer Squad. Despite his young age, Rill is widely recognized for his unique magical abilities and strange power. Rill’s primary magical ability is Paint Magic, which allows him to control paint.

By drawing with his paintbrush, he can bring them to life, creating creatures, objects, or even elements with magical properties. This magic makes him adaptable to different situations in battle, making it difficult for his opponents to predict his next move.

6) Charlotte Roselei

The sometimes shy Charlotte is the female-primarily based operator of the Blue Rose Squad. She is one of the few Captains with proper abilities for combat and support. Charlotte spends years honing her abilities to overcome a curse placed by Megicula, an evil devil. His desire to grow in strength helped him earn a spot among the Magic Knight Captains.

5) Dorothy Unsworth

Dorothy Unsworth is the captain of the Coral Peacock Squad. He is known for his constant state of sleep, which makes people think that he is not lethargic or listless. But, when she awakens, her magic power and special abilities are very unique.

4) Nozel Silva

Nozel Silva is an important character, he is from the famous Silva House of the Clover Kingdom. He is the captain of the Silver Eagles Squad, one of the most prestigious squads among the Magic Knights. Nozel’s primary magic property is Mercury Magic, which allows him to use liquid mercury.

Through this transformation magic, he can transform liquid metal into creations such as arrows, shields, or large armored knights. His effective spell, Silver Rain, rains droplets of mercury onto his opponents.

3) Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro is the main character, who is the captain of the Black Bull Squad. His main magical attribute is Dark Magic, which allows him to use darkness as a weapon.

His most famous spell is the Dark Cloaked Avid Slash, which uses his sword to release a powerful slash of darkness that can cut through anything. He is a highly skilled swordsman who possesses amazing physical strength and endurance.

2) Mereoleona Vermillion

MarioLeona Vermillion is a very fierce, powerful, and confident character. She is the first daughter of the Vermillions, the royal family of the Clover Kingdom, and the Captain of the Crimson Lion Kings. Merioleona are recognized for their powerful physical strength, quick reflexes, and fighting skills.

He has flame magic, giving him the ability to control fire. His main spell, Kalidos Brachium, coats his hand in fire, making his punches much more powerful.

1) Julius Novachrono

Who is the Strongest Captain in Black Clover

Julius Novachrono is the most powerful character in the Clover Kingdom and serves as its Wizard King. He was a former Magic Knight Captain and is highly respected as a charismatic leader with immense magical abilities. His main magic skill is Time Magic, allowing him to control time in various ways.

This rare ability lets him manipulate aging, speed up time, and even reverse time within a limited area. Julius values the growth of Magic Knights and is keen on nurturing their magical talents.

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