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Bhad Bhabie Drops Shocking Video of Alleged Domestic Abuse by Estranged Boyfriend


Bhad Bhabie has shared a video on Instagram about domestic violence by the father of her child and includes graphic images of injuries.

The 21-year-old model shared surveillance footage that shows her in a physical altercation with her ex-partner.

Rap artist Bhad Bhabie, who became famous through social media, revealed on December 1, 2023 that she was expecting her first child with her boyfriend Le Vaughn.

Bhad Bhabie and Vaughn were dating since 2020 and welcomed their daughter, Kali Love, in March 2024. Bhad Bhabie told this to everyone through her Instagram story.

Bhabie also revealed that she is no longer with the father of her child, Le Vaughn, and has separated from him.

In 20-second security footage taken outside the home at 4:30 a.m. on June 30, Bhad Bhabie can be seen being repeatedly thrown to the ground by a man she identified as Le Vaughn.

Bhad Bhabie wrote in her Instagram stories,” This man thinks he can take my daughter away from me!! Say whatever you want, but trying to snatch my daughter is madness.” He also included a photo of his daughter Kali Love in his post.

Bhad Bhabie shared pictures and videos of her bruised face on her Instagram Stories. In one photo his eye is swollen. A video allegedly shows her daughter’s father physically abusing her.

Bhad Bhabie Drops Shocking Video of Alleged Domestic Abuse by Estranged Boyfriend

Although Bhad Bhabie has since removed these stories, many have reposted the “horrific” alleged violence and resulting footage on X (formerly Twitter), with viewers demanding an investigation into Le Vaughn.

One person writes that “I hope he is held accountable,” while others described Le Vaughn as “Disgusting.”

Users on X also Although Bhad Bhabie has not directly addressed the domestic violence allegations since her initial claims, she posted a cryptic story on Instagram that read: “I tolerated a lot because I didn’t want to lose people, But now I realize that they are not my people.”
This is not the first time Bhad Bhabie has used her online platform to rebuke alleged harassers. Previously, she claimed she lived “in fear” of her mother and also called the turn-about Ranch sent by Dr. Phil “disgraceful.”

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