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How to Watch Lookism: Here Are All Details About the Season to Know!

Lookism is the discriminatory treatment of people who are considered physically unattractive. It occurs in a variety of settings, including dating, social settings, and workplaces.

Lookism has received less cultural attention than other forms of discrimination (such as racism and sexism) and does not typically have the legal protections that other forms do, but it is still prevalent and has a significant impact on people’s opportunities in romantic relationships, job opportunities, and other areas of life.

The opposite concept is sometimes referred to as pretty privilege. 

How to Watch Lookism

Lookism Season 2 Release Date

When the American studio expands its original animated productions, it usually keeps the same episode count. The second season of Lookism is expected to have eight episodes, but Netflix has yet to confirm this.

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It is unknown if Lookism will be renewed for a second season. If it is renewed, the upcoming season could premiere toward the end of 2023.

Where to Watch Lookism?

Lookism’s debut on Netflix, the leading SVoD service, is set for December 8th, 2022. The Webtoon will be produced in Korean with English subtitles.

How Many Episodes Are There in Lookism?

The Netflix adaptation consists of eight episodes, each lasting approximately 24 minutes.

How to Watch Lookism

All episodes were released concurrently and are now available on Netflix.

‘lookism’ Plot Summary: What is the Series About?

Park Hyeong-Seok is an outcast in his school because of his physical appearance—unlike most other students, he is neither lean nor tall, and he lacks sharp features.

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Park is also subjected to constant bullying because of his appearance by a group of bigger, stronger students who have made him an errand boy to fetch things for them.

Any protest or delay in this cruel activity in which he must participate results in Park being beaten black and blue by the bullies. It’s not like the boy has to do anything to get beaten up; he suffers the same fate on a regular basis, even if he obeys all of the bullies’ orders.

Park is struggling to cope with all of this, and despite his family’s financial difficulties, he wishes to transfer schools. Park is raised by a single-working mother who works hard to manage the costs of living and education, and the boy is occasionally irritated with her because they are not wealthy.

He repeatedly tells his mother not to put eggs in his ramen because he believes it is making him fat. Perhaps the mother realizes that eggs are the only source of protein she can give to her son on a daily basis and pretends to add an egg every time.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Lookism?

Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet announced plans for a second season, which isn’t surprising given that the show only premiered yesterday. So far, the streamer has been consistently promoting the show on its social media platforms, which is encouraging.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, the latter of which has been broadcast for three continuous seasons, were both produced by the project’s animated studio, Studio Mir, which has a long-standing working relationship with Netflix.

How to Watch Lookism

Therefore, it doesn’t appear that the streaming giant is planning to sever its ties.

On the other hand, Netflix’s track record with animated shows isn’t great, and this year the department’s budget and staff took a significant hit.

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Moreover, Weekly Toyo Keizai reported in October that the streamer was reducing its anime content with a focus on Japanese animation studios. But it’s vital to remember that Studio Mir is a Korean company.

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