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Money Heist Ending Explained: How Season 5 Finished It All?

Money Heist is a Spanish heist crime drama television series created by lex Pina.

The series follows two long-planned heists led by the Professor (Alvaro Morte), one on the Royal Mint of Spain and one on the Bank of Spain, as seen through the eyes of one of the robbers, Tokyo (Ursula Corberó).

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The story is told in real-time, with flashbacks, time jumps, hidden character motivations, and an untrustworthy narrator to add complexity.

‘money Heist’ Series Ending, Explained: How Season 5 Finished It All

“Money Heist” has concluded. The daring, bold, and spectacularly successful Netflix series has completed its run.

Money Heist Ending Explained

After five seasons (six if you count Volume 2 as a season), “Money Heist” concluded with the most elaborate theft yet. So, how did the series conclude, and did the gang make a successful escape in the finale?

The Professor and his associates have been attempting to rob the Bank of Spain since Season 3 (Part 3). Both Nairobi and Tokyo were killed in their pursuit of the loot.

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Did anyone else share their tragic fate in the Season 5/series finale? All of those answers, and more, are provided below for “Money Heist” fans.

The Episode Review

So Money Heist: Korea ends with a conclusion that, with a few exceptions, mirrors what happened in the Spanish version.

With the exception of Oslo and Moscow, everyone makes it out in one piece, which is a nice touch, and the show does well to keep things interesting throughout, with a bombastic final action set piece.

Money Heist Ending Explained

At the same time, there are minor plot contrivances and issues involving the narrative, particularly with the tenuous political issues that haven’t been well developed or given much weight in the show. We don’t see much of the fallout from Sangman’s actions outside of a few news clips, which is disappointing.

However, the series ends on a high note, and there’s a satisfying enough conclusion that if Netflix decides to cancel it, we’ll at least get a good send-off for our characters!

Final Thoughts

TV in general should pay attention because it is clear that one popular show knows how to give fans the ending they want.

 “Money Heist” combines drama and suspense for a stunning conclusion that leaves us wondering if the characters’ lives will go on without us.

What’s the best part? The Professor and Lisbon marry, and Sierra’s compelling character arc leads her into the gang’s family. Family is eternal.

Despite some highs and lows in the show’s lead-up, the quality of the ending that “Money Heist” provides is a closing chapter that many shows should strive for.

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It’s difficult to imagine a better conclusion to the groundbreaking series. “Money Heist” is now available on Netflix in its entirety, along with some other fantastic Spanish series.

Money Heist Trailer

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