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Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained: Twists and Turns You Won’t Believe!


Outer Banks can always keep you wondering, and Season Three was no exception. This time, the OBX crew was stranded on a barren island in search of John B’s father and El Dorado, the fabled city of gold.

When outside forces threatened to derail everything, their hunt became substantially more complicated—but is that really anything new for them? Following ten episodes of vehicle chases, kidnappings, and shootouts, I believe it is reasonable to declare that these are the bravest—or possibly the craziest—kids on television.

Nonetheless, the team’s trip came to a close after 10 exciting episodes, but not without a few twists and turns. If you haven’t already, you might be wondering: did they find the lost gold? More importantly, did everyone escape unscathed? Find out as we break down yet another exciting OBX season finale below.

Ward and Big John Throw The Bucket

After Big John, John B, and Sarah get out of El Dorado, the story takes another unexpected turn. Ward and one of Singh’s goons suddenly appear. Ward wants to kill Big John, and Big John’s men want to kill Sarah.

Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained

During the standoff, the rest of the OBX squad shows up and tries to save their friends, but the henchmen’s gun is too strong for them. Sarah is almost killed, but just as the gunman is about to shoot her, Ward steps in front of her and tackles the shooter. Then he and the man with the gun fall off a cliff.

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The crew soon sees that Big John has lost a lot of blood. They get him out of the jungle and put him on a boat, where he dies in John B’s arms later. He tells his son how proud he is after seeing the gold, and then he dies. Then, John B, Sarah, and their friends make memorials for Big John and Ward and go back home.

John B and Sarah Find El Dorado

Ward unexpectedly takes Sarah, John B, and the rest of the gang to South America on his private plane. Ward also joins the journey, but more on that later. The group’s main purpose when they arrive is to find John B’s father, Big John, who has been kidnapped by Carlos Singh, a vicious bounty hunter.

Outer Banks Season 3 Ending Explained

When they find him, Big John tells his son that he’s found the treasure trail. Then they break loose, taking Sarah with them. Singh shoots Big John and threatens to kill them all before they go.

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John B and Sarah arrive in El Dorado and secure a bag of gold, but Singh appears and threatens to kill them. In an unexpected change of events, Big John pulls out a bomb—because, of course, he packed one!—and uses it to murder Singh and finally destroy the old city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Outer Banks Season 3?

Outer Banks season three is available to stream on Netflix with subscription plans starting at $9.99 per month.

Will There Be a Fourth Season of Outer Banks?

Netflix just picked up Outer Banks for a fourth season, which is good because Stokes says that the end of season 3 sets up a whole new story that he can’t wait to get into.

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