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The Mandalorian Has Just Revealed Why the New Republic Was Doomed From the Start!


The New Republic has always seemed like a notion rather than a true element of Star Wars history. The Empire’s replacement governmental system was incorporated into modern canon in The Force Awakens — but only for a brief moment before being blown to smithereens.

Since then, admirers have pondered what the New Republic was up to and why it was so easily dismantled. We finally have a solution, courtesy of The Mandalorian. The Mandalorian’s whole tale takes place during the New Republic era, although the show takes place on the galaxy’s outskirts, far from the center of political power.

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Things changed in Season 3 Episode 3 (“The Convert”), which followed Dr. Penn Pershing, an ex-Imperial scientist, as he struggled to integrate into the New Republic on Coruscant. We learn not just what life was like on the capital planet when the Empire fell, but also why the New Republic was always doomed, thanks to Pershing’s account.

History of the Star Wars: The Military Disarmament Act!

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After signing up for the “Amnesty Program,” Pershing is assigned to a mundane cubicle job cataloging all of the Empire ships and armaments that the New Republic intends to decommission.

But, his coworker casually mentions that after the old Imperial fleet is decommissioned, they must also decommission the Rebel Alliance ships. In a nutshell, the answer is the Military Disarmament Act.

The statute, enacted shortly after the Rebel Alliance rebranded as the New Republic, set the path for a return to a peaceful governmental system based on diplomacy rather than military force. In practice, this meant a 90 percent reduction in the standing military.

The Mandalorian Has Just Revealed Why the New Republic Was Doomed From the Start!

Mon Mothma first introduced the Military Disarmament Act. Mothma, as we saw in Andor, first fought against the Empire’s increasing militarization from within, but she eventually realized that armed revolt was the only option. Therefore it’s understandable that she’d want to disarm as soon as possible.

The law also fulfilled another, more diplomatic function. After the New Republic compelled the last Imperial forces to disarm, it also disarmed its own military as a sign of peace. Mothma and her followers hoped it would persuade Empire supporters to accept their new leaders.

Leia Organa was a vocal opponent of demilitarisation during the Star Wars era. Having witnessed the Empire’s savagery firsthand, she concluded that they would not simply vanish.

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The only way to deter such menace was to keep an army.

As a result, Leia was forced to resign from the Senate. She went on to build the Resistance, which found its calling when the remnants of the Empire were reborn as the First Order. However, the Resistance was not strong enough to halt the First Order, and we all know what occurred after that.

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