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Is the Darksaber Destroyed After the Mandalorian Season 3 Finale?


Darksaber Destroyed: (Spoilers Alert) After another season of Star Wars concluded, Din Djarin and Baby Yoda’s exploits were put on hold until the premiere of The Mandalorian season 4.

For a detailed examination of how we arrived at this conclusion, please see our essay titled “The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 8 Ending Explained.”

But you’ve come to the proper place if you want the specifics on what happened to the Darksaber at the climax. Here is our explanation of what happened to the Darksaber.

Is the Darksaber Destroyed?

The Darksaber has indeed been killed. The old Mandalorian weapon was in Bo-Katan’s hands when Moff Gideon broke it. Then, as they continued to fight, the broken handle of the weapon lay on the ground.

If you have a lot of hope, you might have thought there was still a chance to fix things. But the broken Darksaber was still there when Moff Gideon’s secret Imperial base blew up.

The loss of the Darksaber will cause the Mandalorians to change and adapt as a culture. The fact that the Mandalorian ruler is no longer the owner of the Darksaber will have a big effect on future Mandalorian stories. It’s also the end of the Darksaber’s time as a popular Star Wars item.

How Did Bo-Katan Get Back the Darksaber?

Djarin took the Darksaber with him when he went to Mandalore to bathe in the Living Waters in the Mines of Mandalore. This was part of his plan to make up for what he had done.

On his way through the ruins of the Sundari Civic Center, he had trouble using the Darksaber while facing Alamites who attacked him, but he was able to kill them in the end. Later, Djarin was trapped and taken by a robot.

Darksaber Destroyed

The being took the saber from Djarin and threw it on the ground, even though it didn’t seem to care about it. Grogu was able to get out of the ruins and find Bo-Katan Kryze in Kalevala. Grogu led Kryze to where Djarin was so that she could help save him. She used her fiber cord whip to grab the Darksaber that had been left behind.

She then used it to beat one of the cyborg’s forms. The cyborg was able to get out of the broken droid and crawl to a Spider Tank, but Kryze again won with the saber, destroying the Tank and killing the cyborg. After setting Djarin free, she gave him back his saber.

After her time with the watch, Bo-Katan and Djarin went to the planet Plazir-15 to take back control of the Mandalorian fleet she had put together with help from Axe Woves. She had challenged Woves to a fight over who would lead the fleet, and she beat him in a single fight.

Even though he lost, Woves said that without the Darksaber she would never be their real boss. Djarin gave her the blade, even though she said she didn’t want it at first.

He said that because of what she did on Mandalore, she was the true owner of the blade. The Mandalorians who were there agreed that she was the true owner of the weapon.

Moff Gideon used the grip on his strength-boosting armor to do a lot of damage to the Darksaber’s handle, which may not be fixable. Its current condition is unknown.

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