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Call of the Night Chapter 170 Release Date: When Will It Be on Viz Media!


Call of the Night Chapter 170 Release Date: Call of the Night will be back soon with chapter 170, and after Haruka and Nazuna’s nice date, we’re sure fans can’t wait to read it. Mahiru told Nazuna it wouldn’t be easy, but he wished her luck anyway.

When Haruka got there, Nazuna didn’t know what to think about what he had said. He was a little shocked that Nazuna really did come to see him. Nazuna was tired of Haruka following him around like a puppy, but she didn’t want to break her word, so she went along with it.

Haruka said that Nazuna’s face looked like a piece of bread that had been squashed, and he told her to get ready for their required date. Since Haruka was a player, Nazuna wondered if he would make a big deal about their date.

Haruka, on the other hand, was very excited about their date, and Nazuna was thinking about whether she should make an excuse and leave.

If you want the most up-to-date information about Call of the Night chapter 170, you’ve come to the right place. This post will give you a full rundown of chapter 170, including a spoiler, release date, raw scan, and countdown.

Call of the Night Chapter 170 Quick Info!

Title Call of the Night
Author Kotoyama
Chapter 170
Release Date June 6, 2023
Where to Read Viz Media

When And Where to Read Call of the Night Chapter 170?

On Tuesday, June 6, 2023, at eleven in the morning Eastern Standard Time (EST), the publication of Call of the Night Chapter 170 is expected to take place.

Call of the Night Chapter 170 Release Date

It has been announced that Viz Media will publish Chapter 170 of Call of the Night. On Sunday, the web version of Call of the Night Chapter 170 will become available in Japan.

Call of the Night Chapter 169 Recap: What Happen Previously?

Nazuna had a great time at karaoke. They were there for almost four hours because Nazuna couldn’t stop singing. Haruka told Nazuna she had a beautiful voice, but he also said he didn’t know most of her songs.

Nazuna also said that she didn’t know any of the songs Haruka sang. She didn’t think Haruka would come dressed to the nines, so she told him she was shocked by his style. Haruka agreed that he looked pretty straight and said that was how he dressed most of the time on his own because he didn’t like flashy clothes.

Next, Haruka recommended that they go to an arcade. Nazuna couldn’t wait to give the game a try. When they left the arcade after their game, Nazuna asked Haruka how he got so good at throwing her off at just the right moment and praised him for his anti-air moves.

Haruka told them that he was the best player in their town, so Nazuna should never discount a Hokkaido gamer. Nazuna noticed all of a sudden that she was having fun, which was very strange for her. Haruka asked what she wanted to do next.

Nazuna finally asked him if he didn’t have something he wanted to do, and Haruka said that he didn’t. Nazuna asked him if he hadn’t set up the date for them.

Call of the Night Chapter 170 Release Date

Haruka didn’t answer her question, so she said they should eat. They went out in search of a nice place to eat. Nazuna thought that the fun would end soon and that Haruka would find a way to attack her, but that didn’t happen.

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Kotoyama writes and illustrates the Japanese manga series Call of the Night. Shogakukan has been serializing it in their Weekly Shnen Sunday magazine as of August 2019. It is anticipated that Call of the Night Chapter 170 will be released on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, at 11 a.m. EST. Chapter 170 of Call of the Night will be published by Viz Media. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more updates.

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