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Where Is Franklin Barnes Now 2023! Find Out All You Need To Know About The Plato Shootings?


Many people have been speculating and looking for updates and information regarding Franklin Barnes and his connection to two murder cases. This article covers all the latest information about Franklin Barnes and his connection to two murder cases.

Franklin Barnes Murder Case

According to reports from an eyewitness, it was disclosed that Franklin Barnes had an encounter with one of the victims of the Plano shooting before he was shot dead while trying to assist the first victim that was shot dead.

It was reported that Franklin Barnes fled the scene in a gray vehicle.

Arlington investigators also named Franklin Barnes as the suspect involved in the shooting of Joshua Daniels and Winston Davis. The two were shot to death in a car in an Arlington apartment complex on the same day as the Plano shooting.

Franklin Barnes knew both of the victims and details of his connection with them have been emerging from the shootings. However, details of the connection have not been disclosed to the public as investigations are still going on.

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Where Is Franklin Barnes Now?

Franklin Barnes was arrested in Mckinney by Plano police on the same day as the shooting and he is currently in police custody. Recently revealed documents provide insight into what had transpired on the day of the shootings.

It was disclosed that Franklin Barnes shot four people at an apartment complex in Plano. He is currently still being held in Collin County jail where he would be facing charges of murder attempts and aggravated assault for the March 29 attack at the Cross Creek Apartments.

According to police on his arrest warrant affidavit, it seems Franklin Barnes seemed to single out two victims which then resulted in the death of a man and injuring his girlfriend while also randomly shooting two other individuals in the face. Franklin Barnes’s bail has been set at $1.25 million.

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Franklin Barnes Proven Innocent

Franklin Barnes did not reveal the identity of his girlfriend but stated that they first meet in Arlington and drove to a location to purchase marijuana around 7 a.m. The police in Arlington are yet to press charges against Barnes. This is because cell phone records place him at the site where two men were shot in the back of an apartment.

Franklin Barnes revealed that he and his girlfriend smoked most of the marijuana while he was driving to Plano but he had stopped to get more from his friend Quintarius Young. It was also revealed that later that morning the Plano police received a call that a shooting spree had occurred and three people and a young man Barnes referred to as his friend.

Barnes has also denied any involvement in the shootings and has stated that he was devastated by the loss of his friend. Franklin Barnes insisted that he returned to his McKinney apartment after he had bought drugs from his friend Young.

He also insisted that he had spent time with his girlfriend and they both fell asleep until the police arrived at his house that day. Franklin Barnes is currently under investigation for the murder of Young as well as two counts of attempted murder and a count of aggravated assault.

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