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Love Logic Chapter 23 Release Date: Get Ready for More Fun and Action!


Love Logic Chapter 23 Release Date: Popular yaoi webtoon Love Logic is created by Junghyeon. It is a drama romantic tale involving two individuals with opposing ideologies regarding logic and love.

The difference between them is that one of them is a doctor who believes in love and compassion, and the other is a lawyer who is just concerned with winning cases. Love Logic Chapter 22 was released on May 23, 2023. But What about Love Logic Chapter 23?

In this article, we will discuss Love Logic Chapter 23 Release Date, Storyline, and much more. If you want to receive all of the information, you will need to read the full article and scroll all the way to the bottom.

Love Logic Chapter 23 Quick Info!

Title Love Logic
Author Junghyeon
Chapter 23
Release Date May 30, 2023
Where to Read Lezhin Comic

What is the Storyline of Love Logic?

Kang Heeseo, who is a genius in mathematics, has never had any intention of doing such. What he puts his faith in are the stone-cold truths, which are based only on science and probability.

But when he comes face to face with one Doh Hanbyeol, from the popular idol group Illogic, his entire life comes crashing down around him. Heeseo sees both the truth and the beauty in Hanbyeol’s stunning appearance, and there is nothing that can prevent him from attending the Illogic concert.

Love Logic Chapter 23

But then Heeseo is not successful in getting tickets, and Nam Gunwoo, the kid he is coaching, is not even accepted into the university… And the morning after their hungover and hopeless night together, Heeseo wakes up to find none other than Hanbyeol in the living room of Gunwoo’s apartment.

When And Where to Read Love Logic Chapter 23?

The webcomic has been consistently updated with new chapters approximately once every week or two. On May 30, 2023, the most recent installment, Love Logic Chapter 23, was made available to readers.

You Can Read Love Logic on Lezhin Comic. On this platform, you have to pay coins. However, some of the chapters are free, but for the latest chapter, you have to pay.

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Love Logic Chapter 22 Recap!

Bori and Junghyeon’s Yaoi webtoon Love Logic story 22 is the most recent story. It is a drama/romance about a math genius named Kang Heeseo who falls in love with a singing group member named Doh Hanbyeol.

In this part, Heeseo and Hanbyeol fight after Heeseo tells Hanbyeol how he feels about her. Heeseo says that Hanbyeol is a lie and a coward who can’t deal with his feelings.

He also says that he knows about Hanbyeol’s past relationship with his previous manager, who beat him up and used a sex tape to get money from him.

Love Logic Chapter 23

Hanbyeol is upset and surprised by what Heeseo said. He tells Heeseo to stop bothering him and never talk to him again. He also says that he dislikes and wishes he had never met Heeseo.

Hanbyeol’s refusal hurts Heeseo a lot. He feels bad about himself for being too tough and not caring enough. He is worried that he may have lost his chances with Hanbyeol for good.

Heeseo is crying in his room as the chapter finishes, while Hanbyeol is trying to calm down in his car. Both of them are unhappy and don’t know how they feel.


Junghyeon made Love Logic, which is a famous Yaoi webtoon. It is a drama/romance story about two people who have different ideas about logic and love. Love Logic Chapter 23, the most current part, came out on May 30, 2023. On Lezhin Comic, fans must pay coins to see the latest chapter, but some chapters are free.

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