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Top 10 Manga To Read If You Liked Vinland Saga!


10 Manga Like Vinland Saga: Vinland Saga is a famous comic with a story that is both fun and full of action. Even though there is also a cartoon version, Makoto Yukimura’s original artwork is amazing and makes the book a joy to read. This, along with the interesting plot and exciting scenes, makes it a great story.

Even though Vinland Saga is a unique story, fans of the series would enjoy a number of related mangas. Fans of the Vinland story should take the time to read the famous manga series listed below. They have great plots, lots of fun, and beautiful artwork.

10 Manga Like Vinland Saga!

1. Shamo

In the action comic Shamo, the story is about a boy named Ryo Narushima. Even though this manga’s story isn’t at all like Vinland Saga’s, the art style and roughness of the beginning of the story are similar. Some fans might like that, but others might be confused because the art style is too close to that of Vinland Saga.

This unpredictable story follows Ryo after he kills both of his parents. The plot then follows the main character while he is in jail, and his final goal is to become the best person in the prison system.

2. The Heroic Legend of Arslan

The Heroic Legend of Arslan is a story about a young prince and his journey to become the king of Palse. During his journey through the comic, he keeps showing himself and everyone else that he should be king. Fans of the Vinland Saga might think this story sounds familiar, but the art style and level of grime are very different.


Still, many fans of the Vinland Saga would enjoy reading The Heroic Legend of Arslan. This is also because of how the manga looks at history. Fans of the genre will have a great time with stories like Vinland Saga that have real-life themes.

3. CAT Confidential Assassination Troop

In the same way that Thorfinn is the main character in the Vinland Saga, this manga is about a young killer who goes on a killing spree. Even though both stories take place in different times and have different plots, the people are the same. The plot of each comic moves forward by showing how the main characters live their lives idly and kill other people for no reason.

Cat is a lot like Vinland Saga because it has intense fight scenes and a story that makes your blood boil. If you liked seeing Thorfinn try to find a way to do things other than kill, you would enjoy learning about Cat’s payback and forgiveness.

4. Historie

Historie takes place in Ancient Greece and is based on real events, just like Vinland Saga. Even though the art in this story is beautiful, the plot is fun and easy to follow. The main character in this comic is Eumenes. His life is full of events that lead him to become Alexander the Great’s servant over time.

The manga series is seventh on this list because its story is very different from that of Vinland Saga. But Vinland Saga and Historie have a lot in common because of their historical details and very moving scenes.

5. Kingdom

Even though Kingdom is about ancient China and Vinland Saga is about the Vikings, the plots of these two comics are similar.

At the start of the mangas, the main characters both had hard childhoods filled with death and damage. Even though Kingdom has a different type of art, the manga itself has a story that is full of action.


The Kingdom series should be at the top of the list for anyone who likes battlegrounds and stories that give you hope. This is because Kingdom has beautiful art, a sad story, and deadly ideas.

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6. Blade Of The Immortal

The middle of the list is where Blade of the Immortal is. This is because of how great the art is and how scary the story is. Fans of the Vinland Saga like its action scenes and interesting personalities, and Blade of Immortal tries to give them what they want.

The story is about an immortal man who agrees to kill a thousand bad people as a way to make up for his past mistakes. When the main character of the story finishes the quest, he will lose his ability to die. But this will only happen if he can finish his quest.

7. Claymore

Claymore is a story about a half-demon named Clare. It is full of action and ideas. The comic has beautiful art that is similar to the art in the Vinland Saga. It’s in fourth place on the list because the book that comes after it has a darker story.

Even so, the main characters in Claymore and Vinland Saga always put their lives in danger when they are on a fight. Clare is able to beat her determined opponent by remembering how angry she was as a child when monsters hurt her.

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8. Vagabond

Vagabond, a well-known manga story, is in third place on the list. At the beginning of the story, Takez Shinmen and Matahachi Hon’iden swear to themselves that they will become the best fighters in the world. After a hard fight, the two friends are able to stay alive at first, but they end up taking dangerous routes.


In terms of art style, the story looks a lot like Vinland Saga. The only thing that puts this show in third place is that it has a different plot from the original Vinland Saga. But the story is just as moving, and the fight scenes are just as exciting, as in Vinland.

9. Attack On Titan

Even though the stories of Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga are very different, many fans have linked the two. Attack on Titan is about a boy named Eren Jaeger who fights giant monsters that eat people to get his freedom. Both comics are about politics and have intense fight scenes. Even though the art and story are different, Attack on Titan has the same feel as Vinland Saga. It’s second on the list because of how well it tells a story and how it shows the main character at the beginning of a big change in his life.

10. Berserk

Guts with a black hole behind him (Berserk): Berserk is a great and scary comic that will keep you scared and entertained for a long time. The art in the story is as good as that in the Vinland Saga, and the main character, Guts, goes through terrible things like Thorfinn did.

Guts is a fighter and warrior whose main goal is to get back at his best friend, who betrayed him. Guts has to go through a lot of trouble and pain to get where he wants to go. Even though all of this is happening, he keeps working hard toward his goal.

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