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Antony Alda’s Cause Of Death Find Out The Cause Of The Famous Actor


Anthony Alda was a famous American actor who grew up in a well-known family. Anthony Alda was the son of the famous Robert Alda who was born in France. The death of the man has caused reactions from fans and well wishes. This article covers all you will need to know about Anthony Alda as well as what caused his untimely death.

Early Life

antony alda cause of death

Antony Alda was born on December 9 1959 I’m St. Julien France. The Alda family are well-established actors and are known in the United States. Antony Alda while growing up found comfort in the theater and spent most of his summer days and holidays at the theater.

He developed a love for acting at a young age and developed his talents. Antony Alda completed his high school at the famous Notre Dame International School in Rome and he completed his academic career studying musical composition at the Julliard School in New York.

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antony alda cause of death

Antony Alda has been featured in seven films in his career including the Oscar-winning Melvin and Howard, Homeboy Holt Child in the City, and two television Shorts which include Bungle Abbey. He has also been in the cast of several television series and has appeared in more than 200 episodes including Knots Landing where he played the role of Rick Elliot.

Antony Alda also played the role of Johnny Corelli for two years on NBC’s Days of Our Lives. Antony Alda revealed that he has always seen himself as a jokester and has played jokes and pranks on people. His famous prank involved his donning a wig and passing himself off as one of his mother’s church friends to a visiting aunt.

Antony Alda’s breakthrough came in the famous film Role of a Lifetime which was released in 2001. The film was written, directed, and acted by Antony Alda. The film features the successful actor Bobby who seems to be egotistical at first but is soon rendered a sympathetic persona by the starring actor, Scott Bakula.

Bobby had earlier lost his wife in the Hollywood rat race. He has an accident that results in his disappearance long enough for Hollywood to assume he is dead and to begin to cast a movie based on his life. He takes on a different identity to audition for and eventually, plays himself in the movie.

Antony Alda’s Cause Of Death

antony alda cause of death

Antony Alda died on July 3, 2009, and it was reported that he had suffered a stroke in addition, he also had Cirrhosis of the liver which further contributed to his death. Not much information is known as the incident was not released to the public.

It was reported that Antony Alda’s health condition got worst and things turned out to be very much complicated. During that time Antony Alda was still in Los Angeles. Reports also made rounds that Antony Alda was an abusive drinker which resulted in the damage of his liver.

It is still unclear if Antony Alda was admitted to a hospital or was at home during his death as not much information has been given out to the public. When the news of his death had initially made round fans could not believe the news of death.

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Antony Alda’s Relationships

Antony Alda was married twice first in 1975 to Leslie Clark at Saint Thomas Episcopal Church in New York City at Fifth Avenue. The wedding reception took place a the old Biltmore Hotel.

However, the marriage lasted till 1977.  Antony Alda’s sons were born during his marriage to actress Lori Carrell. The couple was married from 1981 to 1922.

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