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Strike Hard and Fast: Best MCW Assault Rifle Loadouts in COD: MW3!


The Call of Duty: MW3 beta is here, and with it comes the MCW Assault Rifle, which is quickly becoming a player favorite. The MCW is the best of the 20 new weapons that were released in the test because it has the best base recoil control.

This means that players can change their attachments to improve bullet speed, damage range, movement, and how well the weapon handles. The MCW, which can be unlocked at level 12, makes a big entry into Call of Duty: MW3. The goal of this guide is to make this assault rifle work better so that it can win at all levels.

To stop mid to long-range fights, we will first increase both the speed and range of the bullets’ damage. Then, get better at moving around and using your weapons so you can react quickly in Call of Duty: MW3 when unexpected close-quarters fighting happens.

Best Modern Call of Duty: MW3 MCW Loadout!

For those seeking the ultimate MCW loadout in Call of Duty: MW3, look no further. Start by enhancing your rifle’s performance with the KR Midnight 13” Barrel, providing the ideal balance of precision and versatility.

To steady your shots, equip the XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop under barrel, ensuring control and accuracy in crucial moments. The MCW Lancer Tactical Stock for the stock offers superior stability, allowing for better handling and quicker target acquisition.

Best MCW Assault Rifle Loadouts in COD

Suppress muzzle flash and maintain stealth with the L4R Flash Hider, a vital addition to this loadout. Lastly, optimize your ammunition capacity with the 40-round Mag, ensuring you’re always ready for intense firefights.

This loadout combination will give you the edge you need to dominate the battlefield and secure victory in Call of Duty: MW3.

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What Does Each Part of the MCW in Call of Duty: Mw3 Do?

The KR Midnight 13″ Barrel is the best choice for this setup. It makes the MCW more useful in mid- to long-range battles by speeding up bullets and increasing their damage range. Improving the ADS (Aim Down Sight) speed and lowering the aiming rest sway also help the MCW stay well-rounded.

The XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop Underbarrel and MCW Lancer Tactical Stock work together to make sure that the MCW Assault Rifle is very mobile and easy to control.

They greatly increase sprint-to-fire speed, ADS speed, moving speed, and aim walking speed, giving players the freedom to either push hard or defend against a sudden push, knowing that the MCW will be ready to go.

The previous additions are great, but they make it a little harder to control the impact. The L4R Flash Hider Muzzle has been added to our loadout to stop this.

This barrel makes it much easier to control both vertical and horizontal recoil as well as the general kick of the gun. Its extra feature of hiding the gun flash keeps players out of sight.

The 40-round magazine is an accessory that every assault rifle must have. Even though the reload speed is a little slower, this magazine makes sure you’re always ready for battle and lets you fight multiple enemies without having to stop and reload in the middle of a fight, which slows you down.

Players can control all areas on the battlefield with the MCW Assault Rifle when it is paired with our loudout. Because it can do a lot of different things and has a very fast TTK, it’s a good choice for Call of Duty: MW3. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Gaming Tips and Tricks.

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