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Why Are My Calls on My iPhone Failing? Try These Quick Solutions in 2023!


Given that making phone calls is a smartphone’s main purpose, you understandably get irritated when your iPhone shows a call failed error.

You’ll wonder right away why your iPhone calls aren’t connecting. Despite the fact that Apple provides strong cellular connectivity, iPhone customers commonly experience this issue.

As many users have been complaining about this bug, here’s help to figure out what’s wrong. Continue reading to find out how to resolve the issue of your iPhone calls not connecting, regardless of the version you are using!

Why Does My iPhone Keep Dropping Calls?

It’s critical to realize that there are several factors to take into account when you find yourself wondering “Why are my calls on my iPhone failing?” These causes may also be influenced by a number of other factors, such as the iPhone model, iOS version, and network.

Even if it could seem challenging to identify the true cause, the list below can help!

1. The Sim Card Problem

You won’t be able to make calls on your iPhone if the SIM card is inserted incorrectly or if there is another issue.

2. Low Balance

Have you tried calling after checking your credit? You need to have adequate credit; if not, top it off to prevent calls from being unsuccessful.

3. Weak Signals

You most likely have a bad cellular network where you are calling from, which is the reason why your calls are failing.

4. Incorrect Network Settings

Appropriate network configurations are essential, much like the cellular network. The calls on your iPhone stop working because of the upgrade or installation failure. Thus, to identify the issue, verify the settings once.

5. Software Issue

Though it is uncommon, you should take into account the possibility that a software issue is the source of a call failed error. You need to make sure that any iOS updates you’ve recently installed are compatible with the other settings and successfully implemented.

How to Resolve iPhone Call Failures?

You can quickly resolve the call failed error once you have identified the exact issue. If not, you can fix the call failure issue on your iPhone by attempting each remedy one at a time. Let’s see which of the several approaches works best for you!

Solution 1: Dial *#31#.

For those using iPhones, here is a hidden code. To disable the anonymity feature for outgoing calls, try dialing *#31#. Call failure can occasionally result from setting the hidden status for outbound calls. Thus, you can quickly disable the feature by dialing this code.

You can also visit “Settings,” select “Phone,” and then select “Show My Caller ID.” Simply use the slider to enable this option, and you’re done!

Solution 2: Turn the Airplane Mode on And Off.

Switching between airplane mode and regular mode frequently fixes a variety of phone issues. You will resolve the issue of your iPhone not receiving calls since it resets the cellular connection.

Turn on “Airplane Mode” by opening “Settings” and dragging the slider next to it. Once again, switch it off after a short while. Alternatively, you can open “Control Center” and select the Airplane mode icon.

Solution 3: Check the Blocked Contacts List

why are my calls failing on my iphone

Have you looked through the contacts you have blocked? You may be calling from a blocked number, either on purpose or by accident.

To do this, open “Settings” on your iPhone and select the “Phone” option. To see if the contact has been added, hit “Blocked Contacts” below.

Solution 4. Reinsert Sim Card

In the event that the problem persists, you must verify that the SIM card is placed correctly. Turning off the iPhone is a prerequisite for replacing the SIM card.

Step 1: For an iPhone with Face ID, you must hold down the Volume and Side buttons. For people without a Face ID, hold down the Power button for a bit. Retain them until the screen displays “slide to power off”.

Step 2: After the phone has shut off, remove the SIM card to inspect it for any dents or other damage. Insert the SIM card again the right way now.

Step 3: Press and hold the Power button on iPhones without Face ID and the Volume & Side button on iPhones with Face ID until the Apple logo shows. Is that all?

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Solution 5. Set Date and Time

Often, the time and date won’t match your location, which can cause an iPhone call to end abruptly. It’s possible that you’ve traveled, so make sure you adjust the date and time to the appropriate time zone.

Select “General” from the “Settings” menu, then click the “Date and Time” option. Here, turn on the “Set Automatically” feature. thus you won’t constantly need to adjust the settings.

Method 6: Update the Carrier Settings

Update your carrier settings to fix a variety of problems, such as dropped calls and other problems. It can be done as follows:

Link your iPhone to cellular data or WiFi. Next, navigate to “Settings” and select “About” from the “General” menu. You’ll be informed when there’s an update. Simply click “Update” to finish!

Solution 7. Check Network Settings

Resetting the network settings can be an option if your issue still needs to be resolved. Keep in mind that doing this will clear all of the settings, including those related to Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular networks.

Navigate to the “Reset” section in “Settings” after opening the “General” tab. Click “Reset Network Settings” from this page, then enter your passcode to confirm. Is that all?

Solution 8: Download the Most Recent iOS Version

A number of other issues, such as calls on your iPhone not connecting, may also be brought on by an out-of-date iOS version. Try EaseUS MobiXpert to update your iPhone to the most recent iOS 17 beta if you’d rather update to a safer and quicker method.

Afterward, MobiXpert lets you downgrade your iPhone to an earlier version without jailbreaking it if you think the most recent isn’t as reliable as you thought it would be.

Additionally, EaseUS MobiXpert is a specialist that provides additional fixes for software bugs. In addition to upgrading, the System Repair and Reset iPhone modes can be used to resolve a variety of system problems.

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9. Reset the Factory Settings

why are my calls failing on my iphone

Have you attempted each of the aforementioned solutions, and your iPhone’s calls are still not connecting? Factory resets are a last resort that you can perform on your own, but they will cause data loss that you might not want.

Expand the “General” options under the main “Settings” menu and navigate to the “Reset” section to accomplish this. Simply input the passcode, select “Erase all Content and Settings,” and you’re done!

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