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How to Receive YouTube Video Notifications on Discord? Try These Methods in 2023!


Do you want to let your followers know as soon as you post a new video on YouTube? Automating the process wherever feasible is a better approach to go about it. Fortunately, we have bots on Discord that can accomplish this.

After the setup is complete, the bot will broadcast your most recent video to the designated channel and tell everyone on the Discord server about it. Here are a few of the top bots and methods for receiving Discord notifications for YouTube videos.

Use Bots to Receive YouTube Video Notifications on Discord
Let’s begin by creating a special notification-sending Discord bot.

1. Pingcord

youtube discord bot

Pingcord is a Discord bot that lets you receive automated notifications from YouTube as well as Twitch, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Spotify, and other platforms. It’s also not too difficult to set up.

  1. Go to the Pingcord website, select the Login to Pingcord option, and enter your Discord username to log in.
  2. After you log in, a list of every server your Discord account may control will appear. Choose the server to which the Pingcord bot is to be added.
  3. All of the services that Pingcord is able to connect to and deliver notifications to are displayed on the dashboard’s left sidebar. Simply choose YouTube from the menu.
  4. To link YouTube and Discord, click the +New Integration option below. Additionally, keep in mind that you may only integrate one service with the free version.
  5. At this point, choose the Discord channel where you want to get notifications.
  6. Selecting the message is possible from the Integration Options below. Pingcord will send you a default message that pings all users with the @everyone tag by default. You have the ability to customize the message and who gets the ping.
  7. Another option is to create a list of requirements, such as pinging only on particular days, hours, or when the video covers a particular subject. If you would rather receive a ping for each video, please exit this section.
  8. You can add the URLs of up to three channels in the YouTube Channels box below. You need to have a premium account if you want to receive notifications from more channels.
  9. Click “Save” when finished.

The chosen message from the channel you added will now be notified by the bot whenever the additional channels upload videos to YouTube.

2. Carl Robot

In contrast to Pingcord, Carl is a multifunctional bot that provides notifications management, moderation control, a permission system, a welcome message, and reaction roles, among other features.

The true benefit is that you can add more than three channels to get notifications, as opposed to only three. However, because you can’t set it from the dashboard, the setup procedure isn’t as simple.

You must rely on commands instead.

  1. First, go to the Carl website, select Log in with Discord, and provide authorization.
  2. At this point, choose the server where you wish to get YouTube alerts.
  3. The Carl bot dashboard will open, but you will still need to finish the task on the Discord server. Launch Discord and navigate to the server where the bot has been added.
  4. Click on the channel you wish to receive YouTube alerts for. Enter the command on that channel! yt [Link to YouTube Channel] [Note]. You don’t need to configure Carl Bot again if you don’t want to because it already has a default message.
  5. However, you can use variables like {link}, {title}, {author}, {url}, etc. to your advantage if you want to construct a bespoke message. ⏤ @everyone {author} has published a new video {title}. Here is an example message. This is the {link} link.
  6. After sending, you will receive alerts from the designated YouTube channel each time they post a new video.

To add as many YouTube channels as you’d like, execute the command as much as necessary. The commands to operate the bot are as follows.

!All of the channels you have added to get notifications are listed on this list. To stop receiving notifications, unsubscribe from the channel by clicking [YouTube Channel Link].
Unsubscribe from YouTube with Carl’s bot! To change the alerts to the other channel that you can designate here, simply move [YouTube Channel Link] [Channel].

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3. Mee 6

youtube discord bot

Regrettably, MEE 6 recently increased the rate of this feature to $11.95 per month. However, MEE6 is worth upgrading because it has a ton of other features.

Whether you want to buy the premium version or are a current premium user, here’s how to configure Discord to receive YouTube notifications.

  1. Launch the MEE6 Dashboard and enter your Discord login credentials. Choose the server now if you wish to receive YouTube message notifications.
  2. Scroll down the dashboard and click on the YouTube icon.
  3. Look for the streamer’s Twitch username, choose the channel to get alerts on, and then compose a personalized message explaining what it is.
  4. In this section, input the name of the YouTube channel, and the message, and choose the Discord channel you want the message to go to. After finishing, select Save.

The moment a video is uploaded to the specified YouTube channel, the bot will begin to send notifications.

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