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Tinder Symbols Explained: What Every User Should Know!


A well-known dating app for Android and iPhone users is called Tinder. It must be confusing for you to see unfamiliar symbols and icons in the Tinder app if you just joined. It can also be unsettling to tap on any unfamiliar symbol.

Introducing this guide, in which we have elucidated the significance of each symbol and emblem seen within the Tinder application. Now let’s get going.

Tinder Profile Icons Meaning

On Tinder, potential matches’ profiles will display the following symbols:

Rewind Button

The Undo button is represented by the Rewind symbol. This button allows you to reverse any action you may have taken on Tinder, such as like or rejecting someone by mistake. You can use it to reverse your choice to send a Super like on the previous profile or swipe right or left.

Note: Only Tinder Premium members are able to use the undo feature.

Red X Symbol

tinder symbols

The right and left swipe gestures on Tinder are well-known. However, not everybody enjoys making motions. You can reject a profile on Tinder by clicking the red X icon. That’s like when you swipe left on a profile. Therefore, you can either swipe left on a profile or click the red X button if you aren’t interested in it.

Blue Star Icon

The Super like feature on Tinder is represented by the blue star icon. To super like someone, either swipe up on their profile or press the blue star icon.

For those who don’t know, Super Like is like on steroids. On Tinder, when you extremely like someone, their name will appear in their feed with a blue star next to it. It communicates to the other person that you think highly of them, implying that they are unique among others. on a similar vein, you will see the blue star on the profile of someone who sends you a Super like.

Only one Super like can be sent each day by free users. In addition, Super likes are available for purchase as individual packages or as part of Tinder’s premium packages.

When you purchase Super Likes, the Super Like button will change to a number, showing you how many Super Likes are left.

Green Heart Icon

The widely used right swipe gesture is represented by the green heart icon. To show your support for someone’s Tinder profile, click the green heart button.

Advice: On Tinder, if two users swipe right on each other’s profiles, it’s deemed a match and allows them to message one another.

Purple Lightning Bolt Icon

The boost action on Tinder is symbolized by the purple lightning bolt icon. In essence, you rank among the top profiles in your area and have your profile boosted for the next 30 minutes if you click the lightning bolt button. This raises the likelihood that more people will see you.

There is a fee associated with this feature. A complimentary boost is given to Tinder Premium users once a month. To receive more boosters, you can make separate payments.

Up Arrow

You can view a user’s entire profile or bio by using the up arrow on their Tinder profile. To view the user’s full profile, tap on it. As an alternative, you may just tap on the images to get further images and user information.

Red Down Arrow

A red down arrow replaces the up arrow when you expand or open a user’s profile. To return to your feed or the standard view of the profile, simply tap the red down arrow.

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Tinder App Symbols Meaning

The Tinder app’s bottom will display the following icons:

Tinder Logo Icon

tinder symbols

You can swipe right or left on the featured profiles in your Tinder feed by clicking the bottom-positioned Tinder logo button.

Search Feed

To access the Tinder app’s explore page, tap this symbol. You can see profiles here that fall under several categories.

Gold Star

To see the profiles Tinder has selected for you, likes you’ve received, and recommended profiles, tap the gold star icon. Every 24 hours, these profiles are refreshed.

Speech Bubble

To view your matches and the messages area on Tinder, tap this symbol.

If you have a premium Tinder account, you can see who has liked your profile in a distinct section of the Matches tab called Likes you, before you swipe right on them.

Human Icon

The profile section is represented by this icon. Click this to modify your Tinder profile, buy premium subscriptions, or buy extras like boosts and super likes.

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Tinder Symbols Next to Name Meaning

The following Tinder symbols are displayed next to matches or names:

Gold Diamond Symbol

A profile is one of your top choices for the day if you see the gold diamond icon next to the user’s name on Tinder. Tinder curates the “Top picks” list based on the profiles you have previously liked.

Gold Heart

A person is a Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum subscription if you see a golden heart (or a gold heart with three lines) next to their name.

Blue Checkmark

The blue checkmark on Tinder signifies that the user has successfully completed Tinder’s photo verification procedure, meaning they have confirmed their images with the app. Please be aware that there is nothing more to this checkmark than photo verification.

Green Dot Icon

The profiles that have been active recently display the green dot icon. It will therefore be visible next to the profiles that have been seen or used during the past 24 hours.

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Tinder Messaging Icons Meaning

Icon of a Blue Video Camera

You can video call your match by clicking the video camera button. Thank goodness, the video chat doesn’t begin right away. When you tap on the video camera icon, a pop-up window will appear requesting that you enable the Face to Face toggle before beginning a video connection.

Note: In order to video chat, you and your match must both activate the Face to Face function.

Blue Shield Icon

tinder symbols

The functions of the safety toolkit are displayed by the blue shield symbol. You have the option to unmatch the profile, report the user, or access tools and information related to safety. Take a look at these three Tinder blocking techniques.

Blue Double Check Mark Icon

The read receipts for messages are represented by this icon. You will be able to determine whether or not your match has read the message if you have paid for this function.

Heart-Shaped Icon

Click the heart icon to “like” a message.

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