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How to Fix Instagram Videos Not Playing? Try These Methods in 2023!


With 1.68 billion active users, Instagram is the fourth most popular social media site worldwide, according to Datareportal’s statistics. Given its enormous popularity, using Instagram as your go-to source of everyday pleasure would not come as a surprise. Many people use the site to share their images or movies and interact with reels, which are condensed video clips.

It also offers a ton of interesting features, like the ability to stream longer videos on IGTV and save Instagram stories as Highlights for your profile. However, occasionally, the video you are trying to watch can abruptly end, forcing you to end your Instagram surfing session. It is essential to comprehend the underlying source of this issue in order to prevent it.

We’ll cover practical solutions in this blog post for the issue of Instagram videos not playing or having playback problems. Even with just a short time commitment, you’ll learn more than you could have predicted.

Common Reasons for Videos Not Getting Played on Instagram.

We’ve compiled a list of frequently occurring issues that prevent Instagram videos from playing.

1. Wi-Fi or Mobile Data Connection

instagram videos not playing

In both scenarios, low network makes it difficult for the user to see and buffer the data.

2. An Older or Outdated Version of The App – –

When a new version of the application is released, users who don’t update it often experience issues with frozen and hung movies. In terms of stability, feature improvements, bug patches, and other relevant issues, the older version operates differently in the backend than the newer one.

Updates are usually the solution for these problems, thus it’s critical to maintain the Instagram app current. The main cause of frozen and hung movies in the account is the existence of an older app.

3. Turning on Power-Saving Mode

The phone tries to maximize battery life when power-saving mode is engaged, which can prevent Instagram videos from playing. Videos may be a contributing factor because they use more battery than photos.

4. Data Corruption Within the App or Mobile Device

Videos may stop playing if the data on the device or in the app becomes corrupted for any reason.

5. Video removal by the uploader

Another possibility is that the video’s uploader, either an individual or a business, deleted it from their account.

How To Resolve Videos Not Getting Played on Instagram.

In layman’s terms, a video is simply a series of photos that are shown one after the other to provide the impression of motion and create what we call a video. The difficulty appears while working with videos that have different lengths, whether they are brief or have long breaks.

Numerous reasons can be identified as the root cause of these difficulties. Here, we’ve compiled a list of workable fixes for any problems with video streaming that anyone may use:

1.Ensure a Fast Network Connection

Instagram video playback requires a large amount of network bandwidth to be smooth. Watching videos on Instagram won’t have any playback problems if you have a fast network connection.

2. Keep Your App Updated

instagram videos not playing

Update the Instagram app to the most recent version on a regular basis. This guarantees peak performance and fixes any problems with Instagram video playback.

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3. Reinstalling the Instagram App

It is recommended to uninstall and then reinstall the application if it is having issues, such as corrupted files. Be aware that reentering login credentials will be necessary for this operation.

4. Turn Off the Power-Saving Mode.

Turning off power-saving mode will allow videos to play continuously when using the Instagram app.

5. Consider a Phone Reset

Resetting your phone is a last resort if the techniques listed above don’t work. Use caution and make sure you have a backup of any crucial information because a reset will remove all content and replace the system with a new one.

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6. Reach out to Instagram

Another strategy is to get in contact with the Instagram technical team.

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