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Multiversus Black Adam Guide: Best Attacks And Perks Of Black Adam


Black Adam, the newest Bruiser to join MultiVersus, is a former DC villain who has transformed into an antihero. He is able to summon the power of the ancient Egyptian gods to shoot lightning and occasionally execute the People’s Elbow. Typically, bruisers are well-rounded fighters with respectable attack and defense.

Both of these are unquestionably possessed by Black Adam: he is large, has remarkable recuperation, and can hit very hard. He is a “Expert” character, though. His speed is his limiting weakness; a misdirected move from Black Adam is quickly countered, and a few of his moves require extra aim to land.

You must be prepared if you wish to roll with the King of Kahndaq. This is our guide to MultiVersus Black Adam.

Black Adam Basic Attacks

In this section of the MultiVersus Black Adam guide, I’ll go over his fundamental attacks. While the majority of them strike quickly and with great force, some have peculiar unique qualities.

  • Neutral Ground Attack: Without armor or charge, Injustice’s melee lightning blast is a neutral attack that is strong and slow. It kills quickly, has a range that surpasses its animation, and deals damage when it applies the Shocked debuff. Use sparingly to stay out of trouble.
  • Side Ground Attack: This combo can be used in place of other attacks such as Side > Side > Up or Side > Side > Neutral Special. It consists of an upward-angled grab, a second hit, and a side attack.
  • Up Ground Attack: The multi-hit electric attack of Black Adam has the ability to trap opponents and release a lightning bolt, dealing damage and disrupting combos.
  • Down Ground Attack: Black Adam targets numerous adversaries and wall-clingers with an electric attack that amplifies damage and makes it harder to dodge when the enemy isn’t looking.

Multiversus Black Adam Guide

  • Neutral Air Attack: Like his neutral ground attack, Black Adam’s powerful and agile Clap attack can punish offstage enemies or, when used with the right timing, control neutral space. It can also hit a wide area.
  • Side Air Attack: A distinct two-hit sequence of punches culminates in an uppercut that delivers a powerful knockback in the forward air. This can be juggled from multiple attacks and used to intercept aerial enemies.
  • Up Air Attack: Like Black Adam’s up-ground attack, the air attack is simpler to use and can knock opponents off their perch. Black Adam is momentarily stalled, leaving him open to attack while the hitbox remains in place. As you prepare, enemies will stumble into you.
  • Down Air Attack: A sweeping roundhouse kick is Black Adam’s signature move, and it’s ideal for punishing opponents who are beneath him. His ability to fly allows for off-stage chases, and its sweet spot at the end allows for extra hard hits.

Black Adam Special Attacks

The special attacks of Black Adam are more inventive applications of electric force. Many of them have a variety of potential outcomes.

  • Neutral Ground Special: With the help of a lightning beam akin to Palpatine, Black Adam’s potent special can stun, freeze, and increase attack range on adversaries. It hurts to miss because of its lengthy cooldown.
  • Neutral Air Special: Black Adam slows down and makes it easier to dodge enemy projectiles by drawing them in with a cooldown move. As a result, enemy projectile games may be disrupted, and faster allies may target the magnetized projectiles.
  • Side Special: A ball of electricity rushes after Black Adam as he soars forward. It keeps moving off the screen if he jumps over it. This maneuver may be used defensively to set up a trap for would-be attackers. Attacking is not a dodge; it requires ammunition, so proceed with caution.
  • Up Special: In the game, Black Adam’s 1.5-second free flight is a great recovery move that lets him recover quickly and safely pursue enemies, surprising those who might have thought they were out of reach.
  • Down Ground Special: Set up far away to block enemy projectiles with a large bubble shield. It counters with a downward ground attack and cancels out zoners. It kills Jerry the mouse, reflects lighting balls, and pushes back enemies.
  • Down Air Special: Black Adam harasses enemies beneath him with low-commitment electric shots that cause them to stumble slightly and give them a chance to chain into his strong air strikes.

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Best Perks and Teammates For Black Adam

I’ll discuss his benefits in the final section of the MultiVersus Black Adam guide. Each of his two Signature Perks highlights a distinct playstyle.

Multiversus Black Adam Guide

  • Circuit Breaker: Select this for maximum damage close up. The Black Adam skill, at level 8, increases damage to enemies who are shocked. However, not all attacks cause shock.
  • The Hierarchy of Power: A Black Adam can switch up his ground attack to hand-to-hand combat with the 10 earned bonus. He can also use Electrified to buff allies or assist them in fighting close enemies.

Dark Defense and cooldown reduction are two of Adam’s secondary benefits. It is important to prioritize cooldown reduction with six moves. While Coffeezilla’s flat reduction and I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge are dependable, I’ll Take That refreshes cooldown when hit.

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