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Annihilator Tanks Helldivers 2: A Complete Guide On What Are Annihilator Tanks And Where To Find Them


You may be searching for Annihilator Tanks if you want to finish your Personal Order or just want to destroy one of the hardest enemies in Helldivers 2. It can be a little challenging to figure out what to kill and where to find them in the game because there isn’t any sort of bestiary. Here’s where we get involved.

What Are Annihilator Tanks?

In Helldivers 2, the Annihilator Tanks are a formidable opponent that are created by Automatons. You will only need to kill two of them if you are looking for them for your Personal Order. Helldivers just can’t get enough of one. That is not up to our standards.

Annihilator Tanks Helldivers 2

Make sure you are targeting the correct tank—the Automatons have two different types of tanks. The gun barrels of Annihilator Tanks are longer and flatter. The Shredder type is taller and has a machine gun in place of the main barrel.

You can ping them in-game and bring up their name if you’re still not sure. Although the Annihilator’s primary weapon is an explosive artillery cannon, it also has a machine gun.

Where to Find Annihilator Tanks?

Annihilator Tanks are one of the hardest enemies to take out, so you won’t encounter them on simple missions. If you want to take them on in Helldivers 2, you’ll need to put in some effort. There is a chance you will encounter one if you deploy into Automaton missions with a level 5 difficulty, but they are more prevalent on higher levels.

The quickest way to locate Annihilator Tanks is to embark on an extreme quest. Take on a mission from Eradication, where your only objective is to eliminate a few hundred Automatons. You’ll probably come across one or two Annihilator Tanks.

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How to Destroy Annihilator Tanks?

First off, even the most skilled helldivers can be instantly destroyed by the Annihilator Tank’s main cannon in a single shot. Move aside if it has a clear shot; you are seconds away from death. To ensure you have a chance, here are some pointers from us.

In Helldivers 2, your best chance of defeating Annihilator Tanks is to use heavy-duty stratagems. Employ orbital lasers, 500 kg bombs, railcannon strikes, or any other weapon that comes to mind. As much firepower as you are able to gather up. It will be necessary. There’s no chance that anything worse or larger is on the horizon. On your way back into the battle, aim for the tank if the Annihilator manages to kill you. Your pod is going to do major harm.

Annihilator Tanks Helldivers 2

Get intimate and personal. When you climb on top of the Annihilator, it becomes confused about what to do. Although the tank will protect you, other automatons will still be able to shoot you. Although it may not be the best strategy, this is still important to note. It can be confused and made to spin in circles by dropping a turret on it.

Target the vent located on its back. Standard arms fire won’t be sufficient to harm the vent, but the Railgun will. On the weak point, try the Autocannon, Anti-materiel Rifle, and Laser Cannon. By the time the Annihilator begins to smoke, you will know you are making progress. It will catch fire if the damage is not stopped, alerting you to its impending demise.

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Automatons have created Annihilator Tanks, which Helldivers 2 must locate and destroy through perilous battlegrounds. Because of their longer, flatter gun barrels, these tanks necessitate heavy-duty tactics such as railcannon strikes, bombs, or orbital lasers.

It takes extreme quests or Eradication missions—where Automatons roam—to find them. Making use of the tank’s weaknesses is essential to success. Even the most formidable opponents can be defeated by Helldivers if they possess tenacity and tactical skill.

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