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Are Calah and Steven Still Together: Find Out All the Information About Their Relationship!

Who Are Steven Mcbee and Calah Jackson?

The premise of the show is that the two bachelors, Kurt F. Sowers and Steven McBee, must choose and date two ladies while keeping one of their identities a secret.

Steven first met Calah Jackson on the Joe Millionaire show and fell in love with her right away.

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Despite having a great vibe with Annie Jorgensen, who was also thought to be a good fit for Steven, Steve can’t get rid of the image of the reserved and mysterious Calah.

Are Steven and Calah Still Together From Joe Millionaire 2022?

Steven and Calah are not married, but they live together in Missouri at Steven’s house. The season finale saw Steven and Calah exchange rings as a promise to make their relationship work in the real world.

Are Calah and Steven Still Together

We’re happy to report that the couple has kept their promise, as they’re still very much together and going strong.

Following filming, the couple was forced to keep their relationship a secret until their show aired. Read on to find out where Steven and Calah are now.

Where Are Steven and Calah Now?

Steven and Calah are currently residing in Steven’s home in the small Missouri town of Gallatin. However, the couple did mention that they are looking for a place to call home in Kansas City.

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Meanwhile, the couple plans to keep themselves busy by selecting decor for their new home and dining at several restaurants they have yet to visit. As a result, Steven and Calah are having the time of their lives.

Steven and Calah both mentioned how difficult it was to maintain secrecy because they couldn’t go out in public together.

Are Calah and Steven Still Together

Nonetheless, the couple Facetimed every day, and Steven was even able to sneak Calah up to his place because he lives on a farm with his nearest neighbor about 5 miles away.

Furthermore, the pair revealed how they spent their time in the kitchen creating delicious recipes and getting to know one another, which strengthened their bond.

Are Steven and Calah Getting Married?

Steven and Calah are not planning to marry any time soon. Nobody, however, can predict or predict a change of heart. As a result, the possibility of marriage remains open. Things appear to be improving between the two.

Both appear to be living together and have admitted to not making snap judgments about their love lives and relationships. As a result, the couple gains a better understanding of one another and their current relationship.

They have yet to reveal any information about their wedding or plans. To locate Joe Millionaire, continue reading.

Joe Millionaire: Carolyn Denies Causing Steven & Calah’s Split

Carolyn Moore denied being the cause of the split between Joe Millionaire’s Steven McBee and Calah Jackson on her Instagram story. Carolyn was arguably the most talked-about contestant because she was constantly at the center of drama both on and off the show.

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While all of the female contestants claim to have gotten along well, fans of the show felt Carolyn was particularly problematic.

The star was constantly defending herself on social media, even accusing show fans of being jealous of her confidence. Despite what others thought of her, Carolyn made it all the way to the Joe Millionaire finale. Carolyn’s heart was stolen by the other bachelor on the show, Kurt Sowers, rather than Steven.

Are Calah and Steven Still Together

Unfortunately, Kurt decided to go with Amanda Pace rather than Carolyn. After filming was finished, the two didn’t stay together for longer than two months, but Carolyn spent the following weeks spilling all the drama, the majority of which Kurt denied.

Calah and Steven appeared to be completely smitten with one another and even mentioned that they were constructing a house together. Unfortunately, the two have since revealed their breakup on Instagram.

Just a few days prior, Carolyn posted a picture of herself hanging out in Nashville with Steven, his brother Jesse, and Caroline Campbell, another contestant on Joe Millionaire.

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