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Dog Pound Ending Explained: The Teenage High-Intensity Drama!

Kim Chapiron directed and co-wrote the 2010 Canadian psychological thriller film Dog Pound.

It’s a remake of the British gangster film Scum. This is Chapiron’s first direct-to-video release.

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Dog Pound Ending Explained: the Teenage High-Intensity Drama

Scum is based on the 1979 British drama film of the same name. This Kim Chapiron film is about three minors who join a detention facility and the ruthlessly real drama that they are subjected to in the juvenile center.

Dog Pound Ending Explained

So, what happens in the final scene of the Franco-Canadian psychological thriller “Scum”?

Let’s get started. This film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 24, 2010, and was released in theatres in France and Canada on June 23rd and September 7th, respectively.

This film, starring Adam Butcher, Shane Kippel, and Mateo Morales as the main characters, was deemed “intense” by critics. It’s everything you’re used to seeing in prison movies, except with kids!

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Carlin, Angel, and Davis are three juvenile offenders who have been detained at Enola Vale. Davis was a 16-year-old drug dealer, Angel was a 15-year-old car thief, and Butch was a 17-year-old who was transferred from another prison after assaulting a probation officer and pulling his eyes out due to his anger issues.

Goodyear, a veteran officer who is strict but sympathetic, is assigned to them. Carlin is said to be keeping quiet because he faces the terrifying prospect of adult prison after being transferred from another facility for violence.

Dog Pound Ending Explained

He forms a friendship with Archer, a witty, perceptive free spirit whose behavior consistently irritates the authorities. Banks, the most despised inmate at Maplewood, quickly made Carlin and the defenseless Davis the targets of his vicious attacks.

Dog Pound: Film Review

Kim Chapiron’s Dog Pound is a portrait of three inmates at a youth correctional facility. The only difference is that the protagonists are teenagers.

This 2010 Tribeca Film Festival winner, which was inspired by Alan Clarke’s 1979 film Scum, possesses a visceral intensity without breaking new ground.

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In the opening sequence, the three main characters commit crimes that landed them in a Montana juvenile detention facility.

 Alex, age 15 (Mateo Morales), steals a car; Davis, age 16 (Shane Kippel), deals drugs; and Butch, age 17 (Adam Butcher), assaults a correctional officer.

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