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Here is The Release Date of Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 5 and Episode 6!


René Echevarria and Travis Beacham made the American neo-noir fantasy TV show Carnival Row. It is based on Beacham’s unproduced film spec script A Killing on Carnival Row.

Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne, Simon McBurney, Tamzin Merchant, David Gyasi, Andrew Gower, Karla Crome, Arty Froushan, Indira Varma, and Jared Harris are among the actors who play roles in the show.

The show is about mythical beings who are forced to live as refugees in human society while a human detective tries to figure out who killed them.

Amazon renewed the show for a second season in July 2019.
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The second season premiered on February 17, 2023, and it will be the last season of the show.

When will Episodes 5 and 6 of Season 2 of Carnival Row be able to be streamed? Read this article to find out.

Where Can I Watch Season 2 of Carnival Row?
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The fifth and sixth episodes of Carnival Row Season 2 will be able to be streamed on Amazon Prime. This is an original series that is only available from Prime Studios.

When Will Season 2 Episodes 5 and 6 of Carnival Row Come Out?

The fifth and sixth episodes of Carnival Row Season 2 will come out on March 3 at 12 a.m. (GMT) and 7 p.m. (ET). But even if you miss an episode, you can still watch it on the platform, so don’t worry too much!

At that point, Season 2 of Carnival Row will come out, and there will be subtitles for it. Each of Episodes 5 and 6 is expected to be about an hour long, which is the same length as the rest of the episodes.

How Many Episodes Are There in Season 2 of Carnival Row?

The story of Carnival Row will be finished in 10 episodes of season 2.
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Bloom recently talked to about what’s to come. He said, “What I wanted to explore is the truth of what it would mean to a man who has kept a big part of himself hidden from the world.” If you have kept this part of yourself secret if you have denied this part of who you are.

Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 5 and Episode 6

“That could mean anything, like if he wanted another man but was straight. You can do that however you want. But I thought it was an amazing thing to open.”

He also said, “It’s a lot, and it’s almost like it’s a little too soon. It’s a tall order, but I think that in season 2, all of the characters get a really well-rounded ending, and I’m really proud of the show.”

Recap of Episodes 3rd and 4th!

In the first scene of “The Martyr’s Hand,” Tourmaline sees the ghosts of Dahlia and Bolero, which is very scary.

Philo has done his best to keep the crime scene safe on the Row, but his former police colleagues, especially Sergeant Dombey, don’t seem interested in finding out who killed them. “The only good critch is a dead critch,” according to Dombey.

After a funeral procession for the two dead Black Ravens, Philo meets up with Millworthy and agrees to let the former street performer-turned-politician try to open up the Row through diplomatic means.

Tourmaline goes up to Philo and asks if he’s had any visions of his own. He was also there when the Haruspex died. She then tells him about her new powers, which she doesn’t want.

Back in the upper-class part of The Burgue, Millworthy has a secret meeting with Major Vir and promises to give them the weapons they asked for within a few weeks.

Millworthy’s friendship with the Fae makes Jonah suspicious, but the old man quickly assures him that he had nothing to do with Raven’s raid.

After listening to Sophie’s speech, he agrees to open up part of the Row and let workers leave for the day so they can get weapons to the Pact by the new deadline.

Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 5 and Episode 6 Spoilers!

Imogen gets Agreus to stay in the New Dawn and enjoy life there. Leonora agrees to a deal with Ezra, and he gets to take Imogen back to the Burgue.

Before The Burgue can kill Vignette, Philo breaks her out of prison. Philo and Vignette pick up where they left off. Jonah learns what Sophie’s real goals are.

Is there Any Trailer for Season 2 of Carnival Row?

Yes, there is! Below is a trailer for Season 2 of Carnival Row:

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