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Who Plays the Role of Raffi Musiker in Star Trek: Picard Season 3?


In the Paramount+ show “Star Trek: Picard,” Raffaela “Raffi” Musiker’s commanding officer, Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart), was not easy to get along with.

Picard called the former lieutenant commander back into service after he had been away from Starfleet for 14 years.

But here the question is “Who Plays the Role of Raffi Musiker in Star Trek: Picard Season 3?” Let’s find out in this article. Scroll down and read the full article to get all the information.

Who is Raffi Musiker?

Raffaela “Raffi” E. Musiker lived in the late 24th century. She worked for Starfleet under Admiral Jean-Luc Picard until the end of the Romulan Rescue. Years later, she joined him on an unauthorized mission to find Soji Asha and Bruce Maddox.

Musiker went back to Starfleet after being a key part of figuring out the plan that led to the Attack on Mars. She was with Picard again when Q pulled the Admiral into a dystopian alternate reality. On Earth, on April 9, 2353, Raffaela “Raffi” E. Musiker was born.

Who Plays the Role of Raffi Musiker in Star Trek: Picard Season 3?

She would join Starfleet and be given the number CG-1256-8345 as an officer’s commission. As a lieutenant commander, Musiker helped Picard come up with a new plan to get Romulans out of the Romulan supernova after the 2385 attack on Mars destroyed the Romulan Rescue Armada.

Who Plays the Role of Raffi Musiker in Star Trek: Picard Season 3?

Michelle Hurd Plays the Role of Raffi Musiker in Star Trek: Picard Season 3. The American actress Michelle Hurd is best known for her work on TV. She first became known for playing Monique Jeffries on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, a police drama.

She has since played Athena Barnes in the drama series Leap Years, Colleen Manus in the crime drama series The Glades, Linda Bates Emery in the comedy-horror series Ash vs. Evil Dead, and Ellen “Shepherd” Briggs in the crime drama series Blindspot.


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In the science fiction show Star Trek: Picard, she plays Raffi Musiker. Hurd’s first role off-Broadway was in the play The Constant Couple, which was put on in 1990. A review in The Nation said that this would help the actors get roles on Broadway.

Michelle Hurd Started Out on Soap Operas, and Later She Appeared on Malcolm & Eddie.

Michelle Hurd has been acting since 1989, according to her IMDb page. Hurd got her first regular role as Dana Kramer on the NBC soap opera “Another World.” Before that, she had small parts and walk-on roles in TV shows like “The Cosby Mysteries” and movies like “Rude Awakening.”

From 1991 to 1997, she played Dana. During that time, she also had recurring roles and guest spots on other TV shows and in movies. She also did a few commercials, like one for Kellogg’s Crispix in 1996.

She played A.D.A. Reynolds on five episodes of the Dick Wolf police drama “New York Undercover.” She also had guest-starring roles in “The Practice” and “Law & Order.”

Is Raffi Musiker Going to Catch the Theif in Star Trek: Picard Season 3?

Later in 2401, Musiker was working as a covert agent for Starfleet Intelligence. She told everyone that she had been kicked out of Starfleet because she was addicted to drugs and stole information.

Musiker tried to get to know people in the criminal underworld so she could get information about them. She was working out of Captain Cristóbal Rios’s old ship, La Sirena.

Who Plays the Role of Raffi Musiker in Star Trek: Picard Season 3?

She figured out that a terrorist attack was about to happen on M’Talas Prime, but she got there too late to stop it. The attack involved opening a portal under the Starfleet recruitment center, which swallowed the building whole and dropped it on another part of the city.

After the attack, Musiker told her handler about it. Her handler told her that the investigation was over and that she should stop helping. Musiker found out that the gun belonged to Ferengi gangster Sneed and went to talk to him about it.

Sneed saw through her lie, and he was about to kill her when Musiker’s SI handler came and easily got rid of Sneed and his men. The handler picked up the barely conscious Musiker off the floor and told her he was Worf, Son of Mogh while grumbling that he had told her not to talk.

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