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Is Tammy Bruce Gay? Why the “Fox News” Host’s Sexuality a Topic of Debate?


Is Tammy Bruce Gay? Tammy Bruce is an author, radio host, and political commentator in the United States. She had been president of the National Organization for Women in Los Angeles before. She is a Fox News contributor and the host of Get Tammy Bruce on Fox Nation.

People who have seen Tammy Bruce’s work on FOX News may be curious about her personal life, such as whether is Tammy Bruce gay, who she is dating, if is Tammy Bruce in a relationship, etc.

But there’s no sign that Bruce, who interviewed Rose McGowan on FOX News last year and hosts the Fox Nation show Get Tammy Bruce, is married or even dating anyone.

The 59-year-old seems to have her love life under control. Who’s Dated Who? a website that keeps track of relationships, only lists Bruce’s relationship with the late Brenda Benet.

Is Tammy Bruce Gay?

is tammy bruce gay

Yes, Tammy Bruce is gay. Bruce said in a 2006 C-SPAN interview that she identifies as a lesbian and that she thought she was bisexual until she was in her 20s and realized that she needed a woman in her life if she was with a man but didn’t need a man if she was with a woman.

She said, “This bothers the gay elite.” “It’s a choice for me. It’s a matter of taste. It’s not a point of view. I think we are a mix of the things that have happened to us and the things around us. I don’t think people are born like this.”

She also said that the fact that she sees her sexuality as a choice makes it “even stronger.” “It’s kind of like being adopted. “Your parents chose to have you,” she told them. “I feel even stronger about it because it’s something I’m aware of. I like being different, and I enjoy my life.”

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Who Is Tammy Bruce Dating?

is tammy bruce gay

According to records, Tammy Bruce is single right now.

Tammy Bruce is not dating anyone as of 2023. She is sixty years old. CelebsCouples says that Tammy Bruce has been in at least one relationship before. She has never been engaged before.

In some days, Tammy Bruce will be 61 years old.

She Dated Soap Actress Brenda Benet for A Short Time

In another C-SPAN interview that same year, Bruce talked about her relationship with Brenda Benet, an actress best known for her role on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, and her marriage to The Incredible Hulk actor Bruce Bixby.

Tammy Bruce said, “She was my first lesbian girlfriend.” “She killed herself in my bathroom in April 1982. I was 19, too. She turned 36.” (An article about Benet’s death in the Associated Press said that Bruce was the actress’s personal secretary.)

is tammy bruce gay

Bruce said in that interview that she wrote about her relationship with Benet in the preface to her book The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left’s Assault on Our Culture and Values “because, as I’ve said before, our pasts affect how we see the world now.” I was about to get married when I met Brenda, and that relationship made a big difference in my life.”

Bruce also said that after Benet died, the “left side of politics” would try to get her to see herself as a victim as a source of power. “As a result, of course, when your victimhood is your power, you can never really get out of it,” she said. “So, even though that relationship was short, it had a big effect. I don’t think it doesn’t mean anything.”

She said that she was only writing about the relationship because Benet, Bixby, and their son had all died. “That relationship, which was kept secret for years, even though many reporters guessed at it and she was in a position where it shouldn’t be talked about, had a huge effect on how I think about life, loss, and relationships, which is something I still struggle with and probably always will. But at least I know about it now and deal with it as best I can.”

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