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The Upshaws Part 4 Release Date: You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here!


The Upshaws Part 4 Release Date: The Upshaws is a Netflix comedy show about a working-class Black family in Indianapolis that is both funny and crazy. Mike Epps, Wanda Sykes, and Kim Fields play Bennie, Lucretia, and Regina, three people who try to deal with problems at home and at work with humor and love.

People have said that the show is funny, has relatable characters, and shows a wide range of people. The first 10 episodes of the show came out in May 2021. Six more episodes came out in December 2021.

What about The Upshaws Part 4 Release Date? Here is all the information you need about the next book in the series.
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The Upshaws Part 4 Release Date!

The Upshaws Part 4 will come out on Thursday, August 17, 2023, according to Netflix. On that day, the new episodes will be added to your Netflix account at 12:00 PT/3:00 ET.

The Upshaws Part 4 Release Date

The streaming service hasn’t said how many episodes will be in Part 4, but if it’s anything like the other seasons, there could be anywhere from six to ten.

Is There Any Trailer for The Upshaws Part 4?

Netflix has also put out a teaser for The Upshaws Part 4, in which the actors from the show say when it will be out. In the teaser, Kim Fields breaks character and tells her co-stars that they need to tell the fans something.

Mike Epps then says that Part 4 will come out in August, and Wanda Sykes jokes that they should hurry up and finish filming before they get canceled.
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You can see the sneak peek down below.

Who will Be in the Cast of The Upshaws Part 4?

Part 4 of The Upshaws is expected to bring back most of the main characters, including:

  • Mike Epps plays Bennie Upshaw, a mechanic, and father of five.Bennie Upshaw on “The Upshaws” was played by Mike Epps, an American actor, comedian, and producer. The sitcom centers on Epps’ character, Bennie, the head of a working-class African-American household in Indiana.

    Bennie is a lovable rogue who has trouble juggling his roles as a family breadwinner, father, and spouse.
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    He’s a natural comic who utilizes comedy to deal with tough situations, but he also shows sensitivity and honesty.

    Bennie deals with the ups and downs of family life, including parenting his adolescent son, dealing with his estranged wife, and balancing his relationship with his sister-in-law, during the course of the series. Epps gives a balanced performance full of humor and pathos as Bennie, capturing the nuances of the character.

  • Wanda Sykes plays Lucretia Turner, Wanda Sykes is an American actress, comedian, and writer best known for her role as Lucretia Turner on “The Upshaws.” Lucretia, the sister of Bennie’s wife Regina, is a spunky woman with a reputation for speaking her mind and taking no bullshit.Lucretia, the family’s wealthy entrepreneur, frequently acts as a voice of reason and a source of sound advice and direction. But she also has her own problems to solve, including figuring out how to communicate with her adolescent daughter following her separation.

    Sykes’ signature wit and comic timing shine through in the part of Lucretia, as she delivers witty one-liners and scathing comments that represent the character’s no-holds-barred attitude. Sykes plays Lucretia with a stern exterior but also shows her love and dedication to her family, making her a fan favorite and vital member of the group.

  • Kim Fields plays Regina Upshaw, Bennie’s wife, and a school principal.
  • Diamond Lyons plays Kelvin Upshaw, Bennie’s son from another woman.
    Khali Spraggins as Aaliyah Upshaw, Bennie, and Regina’s daughter.
  • Jermelle Simon as Bernard Upshaw Jr., Bennie, and Regina’s son
  • Journey Christine as Maya Upshaw, the youngest daughter of Bennie and Regina Upshaw.
  • Page Kennedy plays Bennie’s best friend, Duck Lewis.
  • Gabrielle Dennis plays Duck’s wife and Kelvin’s mother, Tasha Lewis.
  • Daria Johns plays Lucretia’s daughter, Savannah Turner.
  • Jessica Morris plays Bennie’s co-worker and love interest, Amy Johnson.

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What is the Storyline of The Upshaws Part 4?

The official plot summary for The Upshaws Part 4 hasn’t been released yet, but we can expect it to pick up where Part 3 left off. Regina’s mental health was a problem in the last episode, and she decided to stay at Lucretia’s house until she felt better.

Lucretia told Bennie that Regina won’t come home for a long time unless he cleans up his messes. Kelvin moved back in with Bennie after breaking up with Tasha. This made Lucretia think that Regina would be even less likely to come back.

The Upshaws Part 4 Release Date

Part 4 will probably show how Bennie tries to get Regina’s trust back and make their home less stressful for her. He might also have to deal with the fact that Kelvin is there and that Amy likes him.

On the other hand, Regina might have to deal with her own problems and figure out how to handle them. Lucretia’s family and friends may also be in for some surprises. There will also be lots of funny and touching moments along the way.

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