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Is Eddie Scarry Gay? What Is the Sexuality of American Author and Journalist?


Eddie Scarry is a well-known American reporter, journalist, author, and media figure. He is best known as a commentator on politics and culture for the Washington Examiner. Eddie Scarry does not yet have a Wikipedia page, though.

Eddie is the youngest of her parents, Michael Scarry and Marcela Castra. His father is Michael Scarry and her mother is Marcela Castra. Michael, her father, served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 21 years. His mother may be a stay-at-home mom.

In the meantime, they raised her along with Alyssa Scarry, who was the sister of her brother. Her sister is three years younger than her and is 38 years old. She is married. She is married, and Richard Barber is the name of her husband. Also, sources say that Eddie looks like his father and his mother looks like Eddie’s sister.

On the other hand, author Eddie Scarry was born on November 17, 1987, in Washington, District of Columbia, United States, to her parents. As of January 2023, he is 35 years old and his star sign is Scorpio. Eddie was born in Washington, DC. He is of Latin American descent, has an American passport, and is a strong Christian.

Eddie got his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In 1983 and 1984, he went to L’Institut Catholique de Paris to get his 2eme degree in French. He also went to the US Peace Corps to get thorough training in how to teach English to people who don’t speak it. In the same way, his LinkedIn page says that he taught English and social sciences in the state of CS.

People who see Eddie Scarry on daily basis are very curious about his sexuality, so let’s not waste time and find out about the American journalist’s sexuality.

Is Eddie Scarry Gay?

is eddie scarry gay

Yes, Eddie Scarry is openly gay. In conversations, he has often said that he is gay and is proud of it. He used to play in a gay kickball group when he was young.

On April 7, 2022, he shared a post called “How to be a Gay or Transgender Teacher in Florida under the new “Don’t say gay” law.” He is very busy on his social media accounts. If you want to know what he does every day, you can check on him.

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Who Is Eddie Scarry Dating?

is eddie scarry gay

As of April 2023, Eddie Scarry is going out with his secret boyfriend. Now that we know, Eddie Scarry is a happy gay man who doesn’t like to talk about his love life. But let’s look into it and find out who he likes.

At the time this was written, Eddie Scarry was going out with his beautiful boyfriend, whose name has not yet been revealed. Scarry calls his boyfriend a “very good friend,” but he has also shown him some love pictures from their trip to Chicago.

They are a cute couple because they go well together.

Eddie Scarry’s Net Worth & Salary

is eddie scarry gay

Eddie Scarry gets paid $50,317 a year as a writer for the New York Post. He also makes extra money as a writer for The Federalist, where he makes almost $70,000 a year. Not to mention the money Eddie made from writing books.

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So, if you add up everything Eddie Scarry has made and earned so far, his projected net worth as of early 2023 is $650,000. Eddie is sure to have a great job, and if he keeps working hard, he will soon have a net worth in the millions.

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