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Will There Be La Firma Season 2? Find Out Here!


La Firma Season 2: Welcome to The Signing, or, as it’s called in Spanish, La Firma, a thrilling world. This Netflix competition show has taken the Latin music business by storm, thanks to its unique format and a wide range of talented artists and hosts, such as Rauw Alejandro, Nicki Nicole, and Lex Borrero.

In the first season, 12 aspiring musicians fought tooth and nail for a coveted recording deal that could change their lives forever. This kept viewers glued to the screen. Now, fans are eager to hear if Netflix will give La Firma season 2 the go-ahead.

So, what’s going on? Let’s find out if Netflix has given this exciting show the go-ahead for a new season.

Will There Be a Second Season of La Firma?

As of right now, Netflix has not said if there will be a second season of The Signing/La Firma. But it’s important to remember that the show has only been on the streaming service for a short time, so it may be too early to tell what will happen to it.

The show has gotten a lot of attention, and both audiences and critics have mostly liked it, which is a good sign for the chance of a second season. The talented artists’ exciting performances and the exciting competition style make this show exciting and interesting to watch for music lovers all over the world.

Also, Netflix has a past of giving reality competition shows like The Circle and Queer Eye more seasons when they do well. The streaming giant is likely to keep a close eye on how engaged audiences are with The Signing/La Firma and how popular it is on social media so it can make an informed decision about its future.

La Firma Season 2

“I wanted a TV moment like on The Voice, where they push a button and the chair turns,” says Borrero, who made the show under his NTERTAIN label. “Because of that passion, ripping the contract was the moment. We knew that would be a big moment that would stir up trouble.”

Nikki Boella, who made the hit show Rhythm + Flow, in which Cardi B was on the panel, working on La Firma. On La Firma, each of the 12 contestants’ songs has been made available for viewing. Tainy says this was done so that people could get a closer look at what it’s like to be an artist.

I want people to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be an artist,” says Tainy. “It takes a long time and a lot of small steps to make a complete artist.”

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Who Are the Judges of La Firma?

On January 21, 2022, Netflix announced that Puerto Rican singer Yandel, Argentine singer Nicki Nicole, Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro, Colombian record producer Lex Borrero, and Puerto Rican record producer Tainy would be on the board for La Firma. On the other hand, AJ Ramos is in charge of the show.

La Firma Ratings!

When evaluating a program, everyone considers its rating. Usually, the best method to determine whether a show will continue airing is to examine its performance in the ratings. As your position improves, so do your prospects of succeeding. The program has a 7.0/10 rating on IMDb.

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