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Unmasking the Winners and Losers of WWE Backlash 2023 – Bad Bunny’s Impact in the Ring!


The Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot in San Juan, Puerto Rico, was the site of WWE Backlash 2023. This event had a different kind of energy than any other WWE event.
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From the opening act to the main event, the crowd had a lot to say about Superstars.

Fans cheered loudly for new artists like Zelina Vega and Iyo Sky, but Bad Bunny was the one who got the most attention from the crowd.

Seth Rollins was Omos’s best opponent so far in his career. He made him look like a wild animal.

The Bloodline was in the match that might have been the least interesting of the night.

Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar didn’t seem like they belonged in the main event of this show, and they didn’t do a good enough job of making this match seem like the most important of the night.

Overall, Backlash was unique, and a few big names used that to their advantage and turned out to be the real winners of the night. But some people left San Juan in less interesting ways.

Winner: Iyo Sky

Before her match with Bianca Belair, not many people thought that Iyo Sky would win.

The Genius of the Sky could barely win a match, while WWE’s EST was about to become the longest-reigning Raw women’s champion in the company’s history.

Even so, the crowd went crazy for Sky before the bell even rang. It was clear that the fans in San Juan wanted an unexpected change in the title.

The Genius of the Sky’s match was her best in WWE up to that point because of how people reacted to it. She told Belair to stay in WrestleMania mode so that they could have another great Raw women’s title match.

Even though Sky’s dream didn’t come true, the ending showed how close she came to it. Damage CTRL, especially Bayley, could not agree with her, which cost her a shocking win.

Sky is an up-and-coming star in WWE. If she does get away from The Role Model, WWE should think about putting her in a repeat with Belair and giving her the win this time.

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Winner: Omos

The second match of the night was also the best of the night.

Seth Rollins was the perfect opponent for Omos because he pushed him past his limits and made him look like a monster heel.

The Nigerian Giant needed a competition like this one. Even though he lost, he pushed the man who is likely to be the next WWE world heavyweight king to his limit. He made Rollins dig deep into his bag of tricks to find a great finishing move.

The Visionary is likely to get along well with anyone, but it takes two to tango. Omos needs more fights like this one, where his opponent knows how to beat him.

The Nigerian Giant can get over this loss quickly by focusing on how much The Visionary had to do to beat him. This could be a match to come back to one day… with gold at stake.

Winner: Zelina Vega

Again, the big moment didn’t go to the winner of the match. Rhea Ripley, who is at the top of her game, gave Zelina Vega the best competition of her career.

Even though it was never really in doubt that The Eradicator would keep her title, her opponent had the whole crowd behind her as she fought from below.

Her return as an underdog, which included a 619 and a second-rope Meteora, left a mark. But the standing applause Vega got at the end of the match was the best thing about the whole thing.

The steady Latino World Order has just started to pick up speed. If the blue brand fully commits to the group in 2023, Vega could be in another SmackDown Women’s Championship match in the future.

If she does win big the second time around, everything will come back to this moment. This night, Vega has never been a bigger star.
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Winner: Bad Bunny and Damian Priest

As the first part of what WWE called the “double main event,” Bad Bunny and Damian Priest had the best match of all time in San Juan.

It was a great show by the best celebrity act WWE has ever had. On Saturday night, Bad Bunny was the biggest star in the world in that stadium. His entry was a concert all on its own.

Even though he had to win, he did everything he could to make Priest stand out. He made his opponent look bad better than anyone else in WWE.

The only reason The Archer of Infamy didn’t get a clear and dominant victory was because he kept choosing to hurt people more instead of win.

The match got so much time and attention that having LWO, Carlito, and Savio Vega on at the same time didn’t take away from the full match between these two Puerto Rican stars. We hope Priest can keep this up and have a big year in 2023.
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Bad Bunny, on the other hand, doesn’t have to fight again, but he’s always welcome.

Losers: The Bloodline

The Usos were not in a top angle at a WWE PPV for the first time in years.

The six-man tag team match was a break between the two main events, so it could be said that this was the lowest point of The Bloodline story at a premium live show.

This show really needed Roman Reigns. The crowd made that clear when they started chanting “We want Roman” when the game was slow.

Even though the crowd went crazy for Sami Zayn, the rest of the performers had to work hard to get the crowd excited. What had been the biggest storyline in WWE for so long took a surprising turn.

When Reigns comes back, this story will heat up again, but this was the first strong sign that The Bloodline might not be WWE’s biggest story for much longer.

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Loser: Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar was the biggest match at Backlash on paper, but neither man could make it seem like it was worth being the “double main event” with Bad Bunny vs. Damian Priest.

It was a fast-paced fight that tried to be more exciting by adding a surprise blood spot. Instead, it took away from what should have been The American Nightmare’s glorious return to form.

Even though Rhodes had lost the crowd, this was a cheap way to end a great show. He didn’t even have time to party. Instead, he ran away while Lesnar looked shocked at how his night ended.

This was one of Rhodes’s worst matches on the main roster, and even worse for a PPV. He worked like a heel when he should have been a babyface loser fighting from the bottom to win.

It would have been a good way to set up a repeat in the middle of the show, but it didn’t seem right as the main event on a night full of big moments.

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