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Honkai Star Rail Short Film Dropped – Here’s a Jaw-Dropping Surprise For You!


Today, the surprise short film for Honkai Star Rail dropped. This might be Jingliu’s chance to shine!

The short film “Honkai Star Rail – A Flash” by creator HoYoverse is shown all over the world today. This probably isn’t a crossover with DC’s The Flash movie, but it will probably give us new story and character information about HoYoverse’s latest game.

People who play Honkai Star Rail have a lot of different ideas about what this short film could be about. One popular theory is that it will show us new characters coming to HoYoverse’s game in future patches. However, given how often the developer has shown new characters for Genshin Impact, this seems unlikely.

Honkai Star Rail Short Film Dropped - Here's a Jaw-Dropping Surprise For You!

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One very strong idea is that this could be about Jingliu, who is Jing Yuan’s master. The tweet above is definitely about a teacher and a student, and we know that Jingliu has the power to cut through time and space, which could be what the “unceasing torrent of time” means.

Fans also think that this short film could be the start of a new trend for Honkai Star Rail and that we could see more like it in the future. But there’s nothing here to suggest that’s the case, so it might be best to tone down these hopes before they get out of hand, as is likely to happen.

You can watch the released short film below to clear all your speculations and doubts!

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When Honkai Star Rail came out, it had 20 million downloads on day one, which was a lot more than Genshin Impact’s huge start for HoYoverse.

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