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Is Bishop Briggs Gay? What Is the Sexuality of British-American Singer?


Bishop Briggs whose real name is Sarah Grace McLaughlin is a British-American singer and songwriter. Her song “River” reached the top of the US Alternative Chart at number three. It was on her first record, “Church of Scars,” which came out on April 20, 2018.

Many people are curious about Bishop Briggs’s personal life, such as whether or not she is married. Does she have a kid? Fans are very interested in her sexuality, especially. So let’s not waste time and answer the question, “Is Bishop Briggs gay?”

Is Bishop Briggs Gay?

is bishop briggs gay

No, Bishop Briggs is not gay. Some fans and the press have thought Briggs was gay. This is because of a few things.

First, because of her looks after she had cut her hair. She usually dresses like a man and has short hair. This could make some people think she is gay.

Second, Briggs’s songs are often about love and death. These are themes that everyone can relate to, no matter what their sexuality is. But some people may have thought Briggs’ music was about gay love in particular.

Lastly, Briggs has never talked about her sexuality in public. Because of this, some people think she is gay. But there isn’t any proof to back up this claim. In fact, Briggs is married to a guy with whom she has been together for almost four years.

It is important to remember that sexual orientation is a spectrum. There is no one right way to be gay or straight. Briggs is a talented musician, and her music should be honored not her sexuality.

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Is Bishop Briggs Married?

is bishop briggs gay

Bishop Briggs has been married to Landon Jacobs since 2022. Landon Jacobs is a well-known singer from the U.S. Landon is the main singer for the band Sir Sly Rock.

Since 2017, Landon and Bishop have been dating each other. The two are making the most of their lives. In 2020, her husband announced on Instagram that they were dating.

On November 22, Landon Jacobs posted a picture of him kissing Bishop Briggs. He wrote that he had been with the love of his life for three years and thanked her.

Who Is Landon Jacobs?

is bishop briggs gay

Bishop Briggs, British-American who sings and writes songs, is married to Landon Jacobs. Jacobs is the lead singer of the group. Hayden Coplen and Jason Suwito play instruments.

Since 2012, Ghost singer Jacobs has been a part of the rock band Sir Sly. He has been the lead singer of the band for more than ten years.

Ghost, the first song by the American indie rock band, came out on March 4, 2013. A few months later, there was another song that also went Gold.

Bishop Briggs and Landon Jacobs got married in 2022, and she told him that she had popped the question.

In November 2021, they told Tuna on Toast with Stryker that they were getting married. Fans and people who like her were all very shocked to hear this news.

Bishop, who is 30 years old, said that he asked her to marry him at a place in Big Bear, California.

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Does Bishop Briggs Have Any Kids?

is bishop briggs gay

Yes, Bishop Briggs and Landon Jacobs welcomed their son into the world on August 5, 2022. They posted pictures of their newborn son’s feet on Instagram.

Before, Bishop’s pregnancy was announced along with an interview with Paper Magazine that also served as a maternity photograph. Landon said, “The best. I’ve never been so happy.”

The parents haven’t told anyone what their son’s name is, but he goes everywhere with his parents! On social media, you can see pictures of the three of them.

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