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Is Marvel Killing Ms. Marvel in Amazing Spider-Man?


Is Marvel Killing Ms. Marvel in Amazing Spider-Man? In an upcoming issue of Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel will make it clear that Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel, is going to die.

Since her first appearance as Ms. Marvel in G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona’s “Garden State of Mind” in 2014’s All-New Marvel NOW! Point One #1, Kamala Khan has been a fan-favorite character.

Since then, Ms. Marvel has become her own brand, with Iman Vilani playing the character in a self-titled Marvel Cinematic Universe series and Brie Larson and Teyonah Paris playing Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau in the future The Marvels.

Is Marvel Killing Ms. Marvel in Amazing Spider-Man?

Entertainment Weekly, which confirmed the leaked information Tuesday morning, May 16, said that the big death Marvel has been teasing in the pages of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man by writer Zeb Wells and artist John Romita Jr. will be Ms. Marvel.

In the next book, Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel, written by Mark Waid, Saladin Ahmed, and G. Willow Wilson, who, along with Sana Amanat and Adrian Alphona, helped create the character, the loss will still be felt.

Ms. Marvel

Marvel has said this about Kamala Khan’s upcoming death: “In the grand comics tradition of other notable character deaths like Captain America, Doctor Strange, and the original Captain Marvel, Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marval.

Marvel will be a crucial chapter in the Marvel mythos and serve as both a goodbye to Ms. Marvel and a look at how her death will affect all of Marvel’s heroes.”

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Kamala Khan Leaving Marvel!

Kamala Khan has been very important in Wells’s run on Amazing Spider-Man and in other Marvel comics as well. Kamala has become one of New York City’s most well-known heroes, thanks to the bonds and relationships she has built in her own books and during her time as an Avenger.

Because of this, she has worked with Spider-Man and other heroes like Dylan Brock, also known as Venom, and Marc Spector, also known as Moon Knight.

The fact that Kamala is Marvel’s best-known Muslim character and that she is always in the spotlight in the MCU make this decision even more shocking, but Marvel is not making it lightly.

Later this summer, the editor will put out a special issue about how Kamala’s death has affected people. Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel will show the other heroes of the Marvel world coming together to remember her.

The issue will be written by three people who have written about Kamala before Wilson, who helped create her, Saladin Ahmed, who wrote the most recent running Ms. Marvel comic series, and Mark Waid, who wrote about her in Avengers and Champions. This special number will be in stores on July 12.

In some ways, Kamala’s death means she has joined the top tier of Marvel heroes who have died before her, like Captain America, Doctor Strange, and the first Captain Marvel. Just like Kamala, Strange died a few months before a big MCU movie came out.

It’s still unclear if Kamala will come back to life like Steve Rogers and Stephen Strange or stay dead like Mar-Vell, who hasn’t gotten over his death in 1982.

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