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Secret Class Chapter 174 Release Date: What Can We Expect From This Chapter?


Secret Class Chapter 174 Release Date: In Secret Class Chapter 174, Dae-Ho and his Aunt will take care of their business. When the last chapter finished, they were still hot. In the last few chapters, Dae-Ho has become even stranger, or maybe it’s just the story. A few chapters ago, the story started to get more serious, and for once, it was going in an interesting way.

For the first time, Dae-Ho understood that the relationships he had might not be worth anything. He can have all the fun he wants, but it won’t matter because he can’t tell anyone about it. He didn’t think about it until his friend got into a relationship and was over the moon about it.

In this piece, we’ll talk about when Secret Class Chapter 174 will come out, what happened in the last chapter, and a lot more. Scroll down and read the entire article if you want to get all the details.

Secret Class Chapter 174 Quick Info!

Title Secret Class
Author Gang-Cheol Wang
Chapter 174
Release Date May 21, 2023
Where to Read Toptoon

When And Where to Read Secret Class Chapter 174?

The release of Secret Class Chapter 174 is scheduled for May 21st, 2023. On Toptoon, the next chapter of Secret Class, number 174, will soon be available for reading.

What Happens in Secret Class Chapter 173?

In Chapter 173 of Secret Class, Dae-Ho and his aunt keep having an affair while her husband sleeps on the side. At this point, the manhwa is even sillier than it was before, but that’s what keeps people turning the pages. And Dae-Ho, who likes to be the center of attention and has a lot of energy, doesn’t have much to do with himself.

Secret Class Chapter 174 Release Date

At this point in the story, the characters are in a tough spot, which is a tried-and-true plot device. In the last story, Dae-Ho and his aunt were almost caught by his uncle doing something wrong. But he was so tired that he didn’t notice what was going on around him, which made it easy for Dae-Ho’s aunt to fall back asleep.

The next morning, Dae-Ho went back to his aunt and asked her to take care of his joystick. At first, his aunt didn’t want to fix it, but Dae-Ho told her that if she didn’t, her girls would see it. Her mother didn’t want it, so she went to work, not realizing she was feeling it a little too much.

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Spoilers for Chapter 174 of Secret Class!

At the beginning of Secret Class Chapter 174, Dae-Ho will say that his aunt was beginning to play with herself. He forced her to stand in a position of submission in the kitchen, where anyone can walk in at any time. It’s where everyone in the family gets together in the morning.

What Dae-Ho is doing will make the place where he eats dirty, but he has already done a lot of other things that make him look bad. No one will catch him doing it, so there won’t be any penalties for what he does. This series has become boring because it is always the same, but the artist knows how to draw and does it well.

Secret Class Chapter 174 Release Date

In the end, Dae-Ho and Aunt will finish their work before anyone else shows up at the table. The excitement will make the aunt red, which will worry the rest of the family. But she will tell everyone she was fine, so no one will think anything is wrong.


In the end, we can say, Secret Class Chapter 174 is set to be released on May 21st, 2023 and follows Dae-Ho and his Aunt as they take care of their business. Dae-Ho understands that relationships are not worth anything and forces his aunt to stand in a position of submission in the kitchen, where everyone gets together in the morning.

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