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Epic Title for Dave Filoni’s Upcoming Star Wars Movie Revealed!


The title of the Star Wars movie that Dave Filoni is making has allegedly been revealed, and longtime fans of the series may recognize it.

What Is the Dave Filoni Star Wars Movie’s Title?

Insider @MyTimeToShineH says that the name of Dave Filoni’s Star Wars movie will be Star Wars: Heir to the Empire. The tweet also says that The Mandalorian was made by Jon Favreau, but that he is only producing the movie right now. This means that Filoni is the full director of the movie.

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Heir to the Empire is named after a book by Timothy Zahn that came out in 1991 with the same name. The book, which was the first part of the “Thrawn Trilogy” along with Dark Force Rising and The Last Command, introduced Grand Admiral Thrawn, who became a fan-favorite villain.

Epic Title for Dave Filoni's Upcoming Star Wars Movie Revealed!

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The Thrawn Trilogy has become one of the most famous parts of what used to be called the “Expanded Universe” but is now called “Legends.”

There are a lot of Star Wars projects in the works right now. Ahsoka, The Acolyte, and Skeleton Crew, both on Disney+, are examples. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor just came out, and Star Wars: Hunters, Star Wars: Eclipse, and a new version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic are all coming soon.

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