Is Viktor Hovland Gay? What Is the Sexuality of an American Professional Golfer?

is viktor hovland gay

People often wonder if player Viktor Hovland is gay, he has won multiple titles. Is he gay? Viktor Hovland is a professional golfer from Norway. He is one of the best golfers in the world right now.

In August, Hovland was ranked no. 10 in the world in golf. He is the only player from Norway to ever win a PGA title. In fact, he has already won one European title and two PGA tours.

Viktor's professional career has gotten off to a great start thanks to his great shows and killer smile. He already has a huge number of fans.

Still, Viktor has a lot to give as a young player in his early 20s, as his plays continue to impress the crowd.

People talk about Hovland not only because of his game but also because of his sexuality and personal life. A few of them even think he's gay, but is that true?

Is Viktor Hovland Gay?

is viktor hovland gay

Victor Hovland has never opened up about his sexuality in public interviews or on any of his social media pages. He is often subject to misconceptions about his personal life due to his choice to keep it private.

However, it is important to clarify that his decision to maintain a low profile regarding his romantic relationships does not indicate his sexual orientation.

While Victor has never been married and has not been involved in any public relationships, it is essential to avoid assumptions and respect his privacy.


Just like many individuals, Victor prefers to keep his personal life away from the public eye, focusing primarily on his flourishing career in golf.

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Is Viktor Hovland Dating Kristin Sorsdal?

is viktor hovland gay

No, Viktor Hovland is not dating Kristin Sorsdal. At the PGA Championship, he had a chance to win his first major but he failed to become the first Norwegian to win the PGA championship. People are naturally curious about his personal life, such as who Viktor Hovland's wife or lover is.

But there are a lot of confusing online stories that contradict each other.

Several websites say that Kristin Sorsdal is both Hovland's girlfriend and his wife.

One source says, “Her Instagram page has photos of beautiful places, interesting cultural experiences, and delicious food from around the world.”

They say that she “also loves fashion and beauty” and that she often posts about her favorite outfits, beauty products, and skin care routines, giving her followers tips and suggestions.

The outlet also says that Sorsdal is a supporter of mental health awareness in addition to her hobbies in travel, fashion, and beauty.

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Who Is Viktor Hovland Dating?

is viktor hovland gay

Now we know that the rumors that Viktor Hovland is dating Kristin Sorsdal are not true. Viktor Hovland is single at the moment according to Golf Monthly.

Viktor's social media accounts also don't say anything about a girlfriend at the moment.

It looks like these false rumors that Hovland has a wife or girlfriend are true, and he does not have a partner.

Hovland and Matt Fitzpatrick were known to be the only two players at the 2021 Ryder Cup who did not have a wife or lover. The couple was seen at a gala dinner with all of Team Europe's wives and girlfriends, and the picture you see above from the event went viral at the time.


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