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Check In to My Heart Chapter 62 Spoilers, Release Date And How to Read Online!


Check In to My Heart Chapter 62 Release Date: Are you looking forward to the release date of Check In to My Heart Chapter 61? Well, we’re here to help you!! After seeing Ajin and Seul talk to each other in a cute and sweet way, things in the show started to get both touching and interesting.

That’s also why fans of this great romance comedy Manhwa series can’t wait to find out what will happen with this couple’s growing relationship and hope that this plot will lead to something fun.

Along with the release of Check In to My Heart Chapter 61 today, we’ll also be looking back at the last chapter to make sure that if anything started to happen between them, you’ll know about it and not miss anything important.

Check In to My Heart Chapter 62 Quick Info!

Title Check In to My Heart
Author P.Cong
Chapter 62
Release Date May 28, 2023
Where to Read Manta

What is the Storyline of Check In to My Heart?

It would appear that Ajin, the newest intern at the prestigious HU Hotel, had it all—good looks, a sharp mind, and plenty of cash.

But when Seolmin, the CEO of the hotel, finds out that she is living in the basement of his establishment, Ajin desperately tries to negotiate a deal with him so that she won’t be booted out. But this business transaction might completely transform her life!

When And Where to Read Check In to My Heart Chapter 62?

The next chapter of Check In to My Heart is going to be released on May 28, 2023, according to the current schedule. In addition to the previously published chapters, the future Check In to My Heart Chapter 61 will also be made accessible on Manta on the date that was provided.

Check In to My Heart Chapter 62

You can also read the manga on Harimanga. If you enjoyed reading this manhwa, you might also be interested in reading Perfect Half, which is a combination of romance and love. 

What to Expect from Check In to My Heart Chapter 62?

Ajin says that she named him Soel because he is too hyper and needs to calm down, and she named him Go because he is too lazy and doesn’t move at all. If you don’t know, Seol is related to the Korean word “Seo,” which means “stop”

After telling him everything, Ajin tells him that is the only “deeper meaning” to their names, and there is nothing else.

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Check In to My Heart Chapter 61 Recap!

At the same time, he asks her if the guy they met before, Seoyoon, is linked to her or just a friend because he doesn’t think Seoyoon is a good person. But while making fun of him, Ajin tells him that she thinks he is so handsome and that he is also the kind of person she could rely on.

With this, Ajin tells him that, as he knows, she became a full-time worker at an older age, which is why she’s been feeling a bit inadequate lately. Seoyoon also told her that he recently became a full-time worker, just like her, which is why she thinks he makes her feel better because he doesn’t care about the feeling of being left alone.

Check In to My Heart Chapter 62

In a later part of the story, we see that after lunch, this guy talks to Ajin’s pet turtles and asks if they are easy to take care of. Ajin, on the other hand, tells him that it is actually a hard job. She says that she is definitely getting paid what she is worth.

This guy says to one of the turtles, “That one has a bright red spot on his head, and that one’s shell has more yellow in it.” He then asks Ajin if she has named them yet.

Ajin tells him that the yellow turtle’s name is Go and that the red-spotted turtle’s name is Soel. But with this, he shows that “Soel” is the same as the nickname his mom used to call him. He then asks her if she is sure that the name doesn’t have a greater meaning, which, of course, irritates her.

Who Are the Main Characters of Check in to My Heart?

These are the primary characters in Check In to My Heart:

Ajin: He is an intelligent and attractive intern at the HU Hotel who resides in the hotel’s basement due to her financial situation. She makes a deal with Seolmin to avoid eviction, but develops affection for him shortly thereafter.

Seolmin: He is the charming, charismatic, and aloof CEO of the HU Hotel. He uncovers Ajin’s secret and offers her a room at the hotel in exchange for pretending to be his girlfriend. Despite his trust issues, he eventually falls in love with Ajin.

Jihyun: Ajin’s friend and colleague at the HU Hotel, Jihyun is a friendly and upbeat individual. He is infatuated with Ajin and attempts to assist her with her problems.

Yoonseo: Ex-girlfriend of Seolmin, Yoonseo is a beautiful and affluent heiress. She is infatuated with Seolmin and desires a reunion with him. She perceives Ajin as a rival and attempts to undermine their relationship.


Check In to My Heart is a popular manga series that is written and illustrated by
p.cong and was first released in 2022. As of now, it has 61 chapters and The next chapter of Check In to My Heart will be published on May 28, 2023, per the current schedule.

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