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Blue Box Chapter 105: Find Out the Release Date, Spoilers and Where to Read It!


Blue Box Chapter 105 Release Date: Blue Box fans finally received what they sought from the first chapter with the publication of chapter 104. Taiki and Chinatsu are now formally married, and we will see them together frequently in the future.

Chinatsu was so humiliated after Taiki confessed to her that she concealed her face from him, but she eventually told him she loved him. It was a very memorable scene, and the author, Kouji Miura, could not have done anything more lovely.

Fans are overjoyed for Taiki and Chinatsu and want to see what happens next. Kouji Miura, the author, now has a great deal of responsibility for not disappointing his admirers. Let us wait and observe how he manages their connection.

And if you’re wondering when the next chapter of Blue Box will be released, don’t worry because we’ll discuss the publication date of Blue Box chapter 105 as well as where you can read it in this post. Scroll down and read the whole story if you want to know everything.

When and Where to Read Blue Box Chapter 105?

The next chapter of Blue Box will be released on Monday, June 19, 2023, JST. Blue Box Chapter 105 is available in English translation for free on Manga Plus and Viz. Blue Box is accessible in raw (Japanese Language) format on Shonen Jump.

Spoilers and Expectations of Blue Box Chapter 105!

There are currently no spoilers for Chapter 105. The following chapter, on the other hand, promises to be full of surprises. Taiki and Chinatsu will most likely be seen together in the following chapters, as they are now a couple.

Blue Box Chapter 105 Release Date

Perhaps the author, Kouji Miura, will devote the next three to four chapters to Taiki and Chinatsu. However, it is important to remember that the manga’s initial emphasis is basketball, not romance.

Blue Box Chapter 104 Recap!

Taiki confesses to Chinatsu at the opening of the chapter. Taiki felt happy that he had finally admitted to Chinatsu his long-repressed feelings. Chinatsu was so ashamed that buried her face with her jumper.

Taiki seemed perplexed when he saw her in this state, so he requested Chinatsu to say something. Taiki noticed tears welling up in Chinatsu’s eyes as she pulled her face from the sweater.

She admitted to Taiki that she liked him as well. Taiki collapsed to the ground upon hearing it, thus Chinatsu inquired as to what had occurred. Taiki informed Chinatsu that his heart was bursting at the seams with joy. Chinatsu joined him on the ground and told Taiki that her heart was also exploding.

Taiki had assumed that his heart was the only one beating, but he quickly discovered that Chinatsu’s heart was also racing. Chinatsu inquired if he wanted to go out. Taiki stood up and told her he would be delighted to go out with her. The woman he had liked for so long is now his girlfriend.

Blue Box Chapter 105 Release Date

Chinatsu’s grandparents later came seeking her. Taiki had never seen Chinatsu’s granddad before. Chinatsu’s grandfather inquired as to their purpose for being there. Taiki said that they had only come to go skiing, but that he would return shortly. Chinatsu’s grandfather asked him if he wanted to accompany them as they were also returning.

Taiki and Chinatsu are later seen seated close to each other inside the automobile. Taiki regarded everything up to this point as a dream, believing it to be an illusion. Chinatsu then holds his hand silently and says nothing to him. Taiki obtained a girlfriend for the first time in his life on January 4, Monday. If you like this manga, you should also read  Payback Chapter 63 And Tower Of God Chapter 576


Blue Box fans finally got what they wanted when chapter 105 came out. Fans are excited to see what comes next now that Taiki and Chinatsu are married. The next part of Blue Box will come out on June 19, 2023, JST. You can read it for free in English on Manga Plus and Viz, and you can read it in raw (Japanese) on Shonen Jump. Stay tuned with Crossover99, for more Manga Updates.

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