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Remarried Empress Chapter 138: What Will Happen Next? Find Out the Release Date, Spoilers and Raw Scans!


Remarried Empress Chapter 138 Release Date: The story of the Remarried Empress is about getting payback. Emperor Sovieshu betrays his wife, Empress Navier, who is the ruler of the Eastern Empire. One day, he gets a lover named Rashta and finally asks her to get a divorce. She agrees to it, but only if she can get married again and marry Prince Heinly.

How does something so big happen? Rashta is not the sweet and kind-looking queen that she seems to be. She has two sides and will do anything to get what she wants. She can make anyone cry with her tears, and she has the prince between her fingers. What will happen to the two of them?

In the last part of the series, they talk about the rumors that have been going around about the emperor, and Navier decides to talk to the emperor about them. It looks like Krysta had a plan of her own and was trying to get power by seducing the ruler. How Navier deals with her and keeps her safe is still to be seen.

Fans are looking forward to the next part of the series, and while you are calmly waiting for it to come out, we are here to give you the most up-to-date information about when and where you can read it as soon as it comes out. We will also tell you about any spoilers we find, but first, let’s quickly review the last chapter to help you remember what happened.

In this article, we will discuss the Remarried Empress Chapter 138 Release Date, spoilers, Raw scan, and much more. Scroll down and read the entire article if you want to get all the details.

Remarried Empress Chapter 138 Quick Info!

Title Remarried Empress
Author Alpha Tart
Chapter 138
Release Date June 25, 2023
Where to Read Naver Comic

Remarried Empress Chapter 138 Release Date and Time!

The next chapter of Remarried Empress will come out on June 25, 2023, at 12 a.m. KST. Below, you can find the international release plan based on the different time zones around the world.

Time Zone Time Date
Pacific Time 07:00 am Saturday, June 24, 2023
Eastern European Time 05:00 pm Saturday, June 24, 2023
Philippines Standard Time 11:00 pm Saturday, June 24, 2023
Indian Standard Time 8:30 pm Saturday, June 24, 2023
Central European Time 04:00 pm Saturday, June 24, 2023
New York 10:00 am Saturday, June 24, 2023

Remarried Empress Chapter 137 Recap!

Viscount Rothes’s oldest son comes to the castle with Rashta’s baby. Rashta’s color goes away as soon as she sees it. She was curious about why the baby was there. Since the baby had never been touched by its mother since it was born, the guests ask the queen to hug and bless it.

Remarried Empress Chapter 138 Release Date

Rashta knows that people will think it’s strange if she says no. When she had held it before, its body had been very stiff and cold. But now it was very busy and very much living.

She comes out of her trance and blesses the baby before giving it back to its mother. Rashta was a bad person, but she still loved her child a lot. The guests say goodbye to the emperor and queen after saluting them.

One of the two was the commoner reporter who talked to Rashta after Duke Ergi set it up. Rashta talked about the future of the Eastern kingdom and the people, which made the piece stand out. Rashta was glad that he didn’t say anything, but then he did. He hadn’t seen his sister in more than a month.

He went to the building where she worked because she was there. He had heard that she had quit her job and run away with someone, but he knew it was a lie.

The two of them got along well, so she had no reason to keep him in the dark about her love life. Her name was Delis, and she was the Empress’s maid. Rashta knew that name very well, but she tried to act like she didn’t.

Remarried Empress Chapter 138 Raw Scans!

At the time of writing, raw scans for Remarried Empress Chapter 138 are usually not available. “Raw scans” refers to the unmodified manga pages that were scanned before any edits, such as typesetting, translation, or other changes to the way the book was published. Most of the time, real copies of manga are scanned, or high-quality digital pictures are taken and used to make these raw scans.

Remarried Empress Chapter 138 Release Date

Remarried Empress Chapter 138 Spoilers!

Spoilers for Remarried Empress Chapter 138 are not yet available. The reader is left wondering what will happen in this part and is worried about it. Manga readers can’t wait for the book to come out so they can read about the interesting plot changes. Check out The Player Hides His Past and Lost in the Cloud if you want to read something similar.

Where to Read Remarried Empress Chapter 138?

According to the above plan, you will be able to read the chapter on the main website of Naver Comic in Raw. Check out Webtoons for the original English versions.


In conclusion, Remarried Empress Chapter 138 is highly anticipated by fans eager to witness the ongoing story of revenge and intrigue. Emperor Sovieshu’s betrayal of Empress Navier and the introduction of Rashta, his new lover, set the stage for a tumultuous series of events. With Rashta’s manipulative nature and her plans to marry Prince Heinly, the future holds uncertainty for the characters. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more manga updates.

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