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What Happened To Bebe Rexha? Find Out What Happened At Her Pier 17 Performance


Bebe Rexha is an American singer and songwriter who got famous after The Monster credits. Fans of the famous singer are all curious to find out what happened to her after a concert.
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A fan phone had hit her face after the show which has left fans curious to know what happened.
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This article covers all you need to know about Bebe Rexha and what happened to her.

Bebe Rexha Biography

what happened to bebe rexha

Bebe Rexha is a famous American singer, songwriter, and as well as a producer. She was born on August 30, 1989, in Brooklyn, New York. She is well-known for co-writing several hit songs for various artists before she decided to start a music career.

Bebe Rexha first signed with Warner Records in 2013, before she rose to fame as a songwriter. She has shown her exceptional talents and she has been credited with writing Eminem’s hit single “The Monster” which won a Grammy Award for Best Rap and Sung Performance.

Her songwriting also extends to collaborations with notable artists such as Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas which has solidified her reputation in the music world. She, however, released her debut extended play titled “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” in 2015.

what happened to bebe rexha

But the song achieved minimal commercial success, followed by the singles “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You” and “I Gonna Show You Crazy”. Which gained more listeners. She also released two albums in 2017 “All Your Fault Pt 1 And Pt 2″. Bebe Rexha has also continued to gain much attention since she released two singles” I Got You” and ” The Way I Dance”.
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Her musical career has continued to grow with notable collaborations that have further propelled her musical career. Her musical journey is a testament to her talents and dedication.

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What Happened To Bebe Rexha?

what happened to bebe rexha

Bebe Rexha’s performance at Pier 17 was captivating however at about 10 pm a member of the audience threw a cell phone that stroke her on the face. According to Variety, the incident happened at her Best F n Night of Life Tour.

The shocking moment was captured by a Twitter user Alex Chavez who shared a video of the incident. Bebe Rexha can be seen tumbling to the ground as the phone struck her.

The incident has caused a somber cloud in what could have been a memorable event our thoughts are with Bebe Rexa as well as her dedicated fans and we are hoping for her swift recovery and the ability to continue captivating audiences with her talents.

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Who Is Bebe Rexa Currently Dating?

what happened to bebe rexha

Bebe Rexha is currently in a relationship with Kevan Safyari. The couple started dating in 2020 as rumors of their relationship started circulating in September that year.

The couple has also been spotted attending several events together and has been spotted sharing a passionate kiss in front of their house in Los Angeles. Bebe Rexha also gifted Safyari a Ferrari for his birthday as a sign of their love and affection.

She has also gone on to describe him as an exceptional person who brings happiness into her life emphasizing that their connection feels genuinely right.

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