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Is Anthony Padilla Married? Who is Anthony Padilla Dating Now?


Is Anthony Padilla Married? Anthony Padilla is a well-known YouTuber who lives in the U.S. He used to be in the band Smash. After he left the band in 2017, he worked on his solo project, Videos. Also, he has been dating his girlfriend, Mykie, for a long time and they are very serious about each other.

Like a lot of other couples, Padilla and Mykie kept their relationship quiet because they cared a lot about their privacy. Then, their friends and followers started asking about whether or not they were dating. Because of this, the two kept it a secret for months. In 2019, they made it public with a long Instagram post.

Is Anthony Padilla Married?

Anthony Padilla Well isn’t married yet, but he’s very happy with his girlfriend, Mykie. The bond between Anthony Padilla and Mykie, who will become his wife, has been the subject of a lot of talk and interest.

Mykie is well-known in and of herself. She is in charge of the famous YouTube channel Glam&Gore, which has over 4 million subscribers and 517 million views, which is a lot. Mykie has made a name for herself in the business as a professional beauty and special effects makeup artist based in Los Angeles.

Even though there have been no stories of Padilla getting married or becoming a husband, he has been known to be in long-term relationships or be engaged. Before Mykie came into the picture, Padilla was dating a well-known YouTuber called Kalel Cullen. Their trip started on October 10, 2010, and sadly, it ended on June 29, 2013, less than three years later.

But love came back into Padilla’s life when he started dating his present girlfriend, Mykie. Their love story is still going on, and they are doing well. As people follow their journey with great interest, it’s clear that Anthony Padilla’s love life is full of interesting turns and twists.

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Who is Anthony Padilla Dating?

Mykie is Anthony Padilla’s girlfriend. Well, let me tell you this fascinating person’s strange story. Mykie was born Lauren Mychal Mountain on November 1, 1989. As a beauty artist and YouTuber, she has made her own way.

Is Anthony Padilla Married?

Her YouTube account, which is called “Glam&Gore,” is a gateway to a world of makeup and scary effects. Mykie shows how to make beautiful makeup looks, both glamorous and scary, in her mesmerizing videos. She also adds a bit of excitement with tasks, interesting stories, and even trips to look for ghosts. Who would have thought that makeup could lead to so many exciting things?

Mykie was named Beauty Vlogger of the Year at the prestigious 4th Annual NYX Cosmetics Face Awards in 2015, which was a great way to show off her skills and passion. It’s not surprising that her imagination and skill have caught the attention of so many people.

Mykie has become a real force in the beauty world thanks to her creative approach to makeup and her obvious charm. As her journey goes on, one can only guess what interesting and exciting things are in store for this amazing person.

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Who is Anthony Padilla?

Daniel Anthony Padilla is an interesting YouTuber and actor from the United States. Padilla was born on September 16, 1987. He became famous when he and Ian Hecox started the popular YouTube station Smosh. Together, they made a creative relationship that lasted from 2005 to 2017 and will start up again in 2023. During that time, they made and starred in a lot of hilarious sketch comedy videos that made people laugh out loud.

Padilla’s creative work goes beyond what he does on YouTube. In 2015, he made his big screen start in the hit movie “Smosh: The Movie,” which showed more people what he could do. Padilla wasn’t happy just acting in real-life movies, so in 2016 he did the voice of a character in “The Angry Birds Movie,” which became a big hit, and in 2019 he did it again for the highly-anticipated sequel.

But Padilla doesn’t stop there in his research. On his own YouTube account, he is currently in charge of a very interesting interview series that is set up like a podcast. Padilla dives deep into interesting conversations on this unique stage, giving his viewers a look into the minds and lives of a wide range of interesting people.


Anthony Padilla, a YouTuber and actor from the U.S., is dating his girlfriend, Mykie, who is a professional beauty and special effects makeup artist. They have been dating since 2010, and their relationship has been a subject of interest. Mykie, born Lauren Mychal Mountain, is known for her YouTube channel Glam&Gore, which showcases her creative approach to makeup and her charm.

Padilla, born in 1987, gained fame with his role in the comedy series “Smosh: The Movie” and the voice of a character in “The Angry Birds Movie.” He also hosts an interview series on his YouTube account, providing insight into the lives of various people.

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