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Locked in the Thrill of Blue Lock: Try These 10 Manga Like Blue Lock!


10 Manga Like Blue Lock: Blue Lock is a psychological comic about sports that has a lot of fans. Muneyuki Kaneshiro wrote it, and Yuusuke Nomura drew the pictures. It’s about a good soccer player named Yoichi who starts a training program called Blue Lock to fight against other good players. He wants to be the best scorer in the world.

Since December 2022, the manga has been published in parts in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. Since then, over 22 volumes have been put together. People like how the characters are competitive and how the plot is fun.

If you want more books or manga with a similar feel that are about sports or mental health, don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of 10 books and comics to read after you finish Blue Lock. Of course, if you think we forgot one of your favorites, leave a comment and let us know!

10 Manga Like Blue Lock!

1. Haikyuu 

Even though Blue Lock is about American soccer and Haikyuu is about volleyball, both are great sports books that will stay with you. Haikyu is more about working together and being friends, while Blue Lock is more about being yourself. Still, the main characters in both comics want to be the best player in the world.

Also, compared to Haikyuu, Blue Lock feels more dark. Most of the people in Haikyu will know how important it is to work as a team and help each other out when they need it the most. In Blue Lock, most of the characters seem arrogant and would rather improve themselves than help someone who is having trouble doing a tricky move.

2. Ao Ashi 

Even though Ao Ashi and Blue Lock play the same sport, Ao Ashi seems more honest. It puts more of a focus on working as a team, but the main character still wants to get to the top. The main character in question is Aoi, who is known for making moves out of the blue and playing for himself. He helped his team get to the event finals.

10 Manga Like Blue Lock

Unluckily, an enemy team gets him angry, which gets him kicked out of the game. If Aoi doesn’t help his team, they lose, and he has to deal with a lot of sadness. Tatsuya, the boss of a young team, contacts Aoi and asks him to try out for a new team in Tokyo. Aoi takes Tatsuya up on his offer, hoping that what happened with his old team won’t happen with this one.

3. One Outs  

One Outs looks at the life of Tokuchi, a great tactician and “One Outs” player. He meets Kojima, a baseball player who needs a pitcher badly because his team isn’t very good. After Tokuchi beats Kojima in “One Outs,” Kojima asks Tokuchi to join his team, but Tokuchi gives Kojima’s boss a contract so Tokuchi can get paid fairly.

After that is done, we look at what Tokuchi is doing to make this baseball team that is losing the best in the world. Like Blue Lock, the main character in One Outs is amazing at his sport and really cares about it. People who liked how Muneyuki Kaneshiro wrote about competitions in Blue Lock will love how Shinobu Kaitani writes about them in One Outs.

4. Kuroko’s Basketball  

When you put magical shonen features into a sports manga, you get Kuroko’s Basketball. Even though some of the basketball scenes in the comics are realistic, Tadatoshi Fujimaki gives his characters strange but interesting skills to spice up the story. There are a lot of different things to do in this game, from making perfect three-pointers to copying what your opponents do.

In the story, Kagami and Kuroko are two boys who join the basketball team at Seirin High School. Both of the characters come from different places and have different skills and flaws. While Kagami is more interested in basketball, Kuroko isn’t as good at sports when he’s by himself. But Kuroko was a member of the Generation of Miracles, a very good basketball team.

5. Deadman Wonderland 

When you read Deadman Wonderland, you’ll wonder why it didn’t get a good anime version. Not only did the movie version leave out important parts, but it did so badly that there was never a second season. Aside from the rant, Deadman Wonderland is an intense psychological action show with strong horror elements and fun characters.

10 Manga Like Blue Lock

Like Yoichi, Ganta in Deadman Wonderland is forced to take part in a cruel game against crazy people. He will have to fight to stay alive in this jail that is like a death game, but he won’t be alone in this. He will be with Shiro, a childhood friend, and make friends with many other people who also want to get out of their prisons.

6. Kakegurui 

The book Kakeguruir is fun to read. It happens at a prestigious school where gambling is common. In this story, the characters’ over-the-top actions and responses will make you think they are crazy and insecure. Money and power are important parts of this story because they make our characters do dangerous things to get them.

The main character of Kakegurui, Jabami Yumeko, is smart and knows a lot about the sport she is participating in, just like Yoichi. She will do smart things that most people won’t see coming, and it’s always fun to watch her opponents fall to their knees. Each gaming event is different from the last, so you can read through some fun possibilities.

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7. Yowamushi Pedal 

Yowamushi Pedal is an interesting sports manga about professional biking. It’s about a boy named Onoda who likes to ride his bike. He had trouble making friends in middle school, so he thinks high school will be better. He meets Shunusuke, a student who dares him to a race after seeing him do interesting things with his bike.

This is the first step for Onoda to become a skilled and good biker. Even though the two shows are about different sports, they both look at the details and methods needed to be successful in each. Also, Yoichi and Onoda are both moved by the same goals. Yoichi wants to be the best soccer player, and Onoda wants to be the best biker.

8. Slam Dunk

In Slam Dunk, basketball is shown in a rough and real way. It shows how our characters live both on and off the court, which makes it more real than most Hollywood sports movies. It’s mostly about Hanamichi, who has a temper. He goes to Shokoku High School because he wants to meet a girl. People avoid him because he wants too little, but a girl named Haruko doesn’t care.

10 Manga Like Blue Lock

Hanamichi walks up to Haruko, and Haruko takes him to the basketball court. She tells Hanamichi to do a “slam dunk,” but he doesn’t do a good job. Still, he impresses Haruko, and she tells the boss of the basketball team about Hanamichi’s talent. This causes Hanamichi to try out for the basketball team at his school, even though he doesn’t like basketball at all.

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9. Hajime No Ippo!

Why Hajime No Ippo is one of the best shonen sports books has been said many times. It’s a great coming-of-age story about a bullied boy named Ippo who goes on a long boxing-themed trip to become a better person inside and outside the ring. This series has a lot of action, great personalities, and moving moments that will make you feel things.

Ippo’s friends are all interesting people with their own goals. Some are stronger than others, but when the time comes, they always look out for each other. Hajime No Ippo shows how complicated fighting is, and fans will be surprised by how well George Morikawa draws his characters and how they act.

9. Ashita no Joe

Many sports and martial arts books and cartoons owe a lot to Ashita No Joe. With its inspiring main character, emotional story, and big fights, this comic has a lot of the same energy as the Rocky series. Like Blue Lock, it has a lot of things that could go either way, and it shows a dark side of the sport it is using to tell its story. In Ashita No Joe, we learn about the difficult life of a soldier named Joe.

10. Harigane Service

Shimodaira Kanna, a pinch server, goes to high school hoping to play volleyball often, even though he is terrible at everything except serving. There are three other strong first years in the club he joins. But that’s not all. Even the older members look like a strong group. Will he get to show what he can do?

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