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The Ultimate List of 10 Manga Like Full Volume That Will Blow Your Mind!


10 Manga Like Full Volume: The famous comic series Full Volume is about the lives and loves of a group of music-loving friends. If you liked Full Volume and want to read more manga, here are 10 suggestions that you might like.

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10 Manga Like Full Volume

1. Nana by Ai Yazawa

The famous shojo comic Nana is about two young women with the same name but very different personalities and goals.

10 Manga Like Full Volume

One wants to be a rock singer, and the other is a naive girl who goes to Tokyo with her boyfriend. When they become roommates and friends, their lives cross. Love, music, and drama become a part of each of their lives.

2. BJ Alex

Every night at 10, Dong-gyun goes to his room, locks the door, gets a box of tissues, and watches a live cam boy show led by a BJ named Alex. Dong-gyun, who is shy, likes both Alex’s ripped body and the way he is honest about his personal experiences with fans.

At a school networking event one night, Dong-gyun drinks too much and passes out. When he wakes up, a naked hottie is standing over him in bed. A hot guy who looks very much like…Alex.

3. Sign

A few things about Cafe Goyo are strange. First of all, their coffee is terrible. Two, no one ever orders anything from the menu. The boss of the cafe, Yohan, can’t hear. So, when Soohwa starts working there part-time, he isn’t expected to learn how to make good coffee, but he is asked to learn more sign language than “higher,” “pay,” and “please.”

10 Manga Like Full Volume

But when Yohan offers to teach him one-on-one, Soohwa is not interested. Not because he doesn’t want to learn, but because being around Yohan is “hard” for him. I mean, really. He gets hard. Whenever he hears Yohan’s deep, sexy voice.

4. Reamed on Livestream 

I, Yuusei Kimura, started getting naked on camera for a gay video site to make a little extra money. But Shouma from the class next door has been threatening to tell everyone since he found out… “Back-to-back orgasms from the vibrator.” “Live swindles.” “Anal play.” He does all of this to me in front of everyone, until…!!! Even though I hate it when he has his way with me, the number of views and comments is going through the roof. “If you do exactly what I say, I’ll hit that spot you like and make you cum nonstop.” I can’t say no, and Shouma’s requests are getting tougher every day. Now he wants me to do “that” at school…!?

5. The Devil’s Temptation

Hyun was meant to spend Christmas cuddling up with his cat and watching TV on his comfy couch. This year, though, he chooses to go to the company holiday party to tell his office crush, the devilishly handsome Alek, that he exists. Instead, he drinks too much, acts like a fool, and passes out.

The next morning, he wakes up to a Christmas nightmare: his horrible coworker Ivan Mariani is naked and lying next to him. Everything about Ivan has always made Hyun angry. So why does Ivan look different, smell great, and give off attractive sexual energy all of a sudden?

6. Your Secret Keeper

Sun wants to make a great first impact at her new job. The only problem is that her boss is an old high school friend named Doyoung, who is known for being arrogant, and he is making her life a living hell.

10 Manga Like Full Volume

But Sun’s luck changes when she finds out a shocking secret about her boss. After all, Doyoung’s job could be over if people found out about his bad behavior at night. Will Sun make him kneel down and beg for forgiveness? Or will they agree on something steamy?

7. 3 Pieces

Doctor Yasuyuki-sensei, Takato’s next-door neighbor, has always picked on him. One day, Yasuyuki’s friend Kazusa comes over, and Takato thinks he’s his rescue. But Kazusa is just as much of a jerk as Yasuyuki is.

8. Window to Window

Shin Ginu has known Yubin-ah since they were in preschool. When he was in the first year of middle school, he realized he liked him for the first time. So, six years went by, and now they are in college together, but he still feels this way about him behind his back. One day, Yubin-ah was playing with his ass with a vibrator when his old friend Shin Ginu happened to look out his window and see him.

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9. Hungry for You

When Yagi gets home from work, he finds his next-door neighbor Aonuma lying on the ground in front of his apartment. Yagi brings him inside to feed him because Aonuma passed out from hunger, but when he gives him the mush he made, Aonuma barely moves… Yagi is confused when Aonuma kisses him out of the blue and does other bad things!

10 Manga Like Full Volume

10. Undercover Partners

Kyuho Je needs to leave. He is hot, wealthy, and has a plan. He wants to leave his family’s global mega-company because, well, business is boring. He will need help quickly making more money, and Kangha Nam, a smart money launderer, is just the person for the job.

But keeping Kangha close is hard when reporters and family are always watching, and Kyuho will need more than kidnapping and contracts to keep him close. Will he get (or want) more than he expected?


These are some of the best comics like Full Volume that you can read if you like stories about music, friendship, and love. This list has something for everyone, whether you like comedies, dramas, or love stories. So put on some headphones and enjoy these comics that have music. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more manga updates.

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