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Dandadan Chapter 120 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, And Where to Read?


Dandadan Chapter 120 Release Date: Dandadan Chapter 120 will be available shortly. Kinta had assumed in the last chapter that Ayase was in love with him. He misinterpreted her, but she was worried since Okarun had seen her message.

Readers are eager to learn more about the women who encountered Ayase and her gang in Dandadan Chapter 120. At Ayase’s grandmother’s house, everyone was having a yakiniku BBQ party.

Because she adored her grandmother’s aroma, Ayase grew clingy to her. But her grandma had to serve others as well; she was becoming tired of her possessive behavior.

Vamola was filling his face with barbecue, and Ayase’s grandmother admonished him not to sniff people. She reminded her that yakiniku BBQ was a battleground and requested that she learn something from Vamola.

Read on to find out when Dandadan Chapter 120 will be released and where you can read Dandadan Chapter 120 raw online.

Dandadan Chapter 120 Release Date And Time!

Dandadan Chapter 120 will be available on Monday, September 4, 2023, at 8:30 PM EST. Dandadan Chapter 120’s international itinerary is as follows:

Location Time Date
US 8:30 PM EST Monday, September 4
Canada 8:30 PM NT Monday, September 4
India 6:00 AM IST Tuesday, September 5
Australia 10:30 AM AEST Tuesday, September 5
Philippines 8:30 AM PHT Tuesday, September 5
Japan 9:30 AM JST Tuesday, September 5
South Korea 9:30 AM KST Tuesday, September 5

Dandadan Chapter 120 Spoilers!

Enthusiastic fans of the manga series “Dandadan” are eagerly awaiting any tidbits or spoilers about the upcoming Chapter 120. However, as of now, there have been no official spoilers or hints regarding the content of this chapter.

Dandadan Chapter 120 Release Date

The story has been building up with intriguing plotlines and character developments, leaving readers curious about the direction the narrative will take next.

Dandadan Chapter 119 Raw Scans!

Ayase speculated that Vamola was constantly thinking about her mother. Okarun expressed concern over what had happened to the Sumerians. Okarun informed Ayase that Mr. Shrimp had informed him that the Serporians lacked the technology for long-distance warping and hence had no possibility of reaching their planet.

Okarun informed Ayase that he didn’t know much and that she was still wondering whether there was a way for them to accomplish it. He advised they ask Ludris when they would see him the next time.

Rokuro stopped their talk and complimented her on a job well done. Ayase was taken aback by Rokuro’s survival. Mr. Shrimp told Ayase that he had a feeling it would work, so he slapped some nano skin on the seropian, and it started working.

After the metamorphosis, Rokuro was equipped with Ludris technology. Ayase informed him that he had been promoted and that she was relieved that Rokuro had recovered completely. She did, however, caution him not to assault them because he had leveled up.

But Rokuro remained silent. Rokuro attempted to flee without saying anything. Ayase instructed him to first listen to her. She told him that if he tried to harm them, they would annihilate him, and she urged him to be more thankful to her.

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Dandadan Chapter 120 Raw Scans!

As the release date for “Dandadan” Chapter 120 approaches, readers are also anticipating the availability of raw scans for the chapter. Raw scans provide an early look at the visual and narrative aspects of the chapter before its official translation. Unfortunately, at this time, the raw scans for Chapter 120 have not yet been made available.

Dandadan Chapter 120 Release Date

Where Can I Read Dandadan Chapter 120?

Dandadan Chapter 120 will be released in English translation on Manga Plus and Shonen Jump. Dandadan Chapter 120 raw may be found on Shonen Jump Plus.


In conclusion, the anticipation for Dandadan Chapter 120 is building up as fans eagerly await its release. The previous chapter left readers intrigued with Kinta’s misinterpretation and Ayase’s concerns, leading to the upcoming developments in the story. The yakiniku BBQ party at Ayase’s grandmother’s house adds a touch of humor and character dynamics to the narrative. As readers look forward to the next chapter, the absence of spoilers intensifies the curiosity surrounding the storyline’s progression. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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