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Where To Find The Doctor In New Atlantis in Starfield?


Where To Find The Doctor In New Atlantis in Starfield? In the expansive world of Starfield, maintaining one’s health is essential for players as they journey through the galactic realm.

Doctors become indispensable in this regard, serving as the primary source for healing status effects and acquiring essential aid items. Spread across major cities in the galaxy, they act as vital support and supply points for players.

One of the initial major cities players will encounter is New Atlantis, a bustling metropolis pivotal to the game’s progression. This city becomes a central hub, often revisited during the adventure. However, in the labyrinthine layout of the city, finding a doctor can be challenging without a comprehensive map.

To address this, the game strategically places not just one, but two doctors within New Atlantis. Their distinct locations ensure that regardless of a player’s whereabouts in the city, access to medical assistance is convenient. This thoughtful placement guarantees that healing and restocking essential items seamlessly integrate into the gameplay experience.

MAST District Doctor!

The district doctor located in MAST is likely to be a frequent stop for players, especially due to its proximity to The Lodge. Commencing from the Starport, navigate through the security checkpoint and enter the city. Proceed past the fountain and head towards the tram system leading to the MAST district. Ascend the stairs and take an immediate right.

Continue along the designated path, circling the pool of water, until you reach the prominent “Reliant Medical” sign. Enter the facility and make your way to the room at the far right in the rear section to locate the doctor.

Where To Find The Doctor In New Atlantis in Starfield

It’s important to highlight that accessing this particular room requires passing through a loading screen, designating it as a distinct zone within the city. Consequently, any illicit activities within this area can be more discreet, provided witnesses are avoided or prevented from escaping through the sole exit.

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The Well Doctor!

The Well, situated beneath New Atlantis, is a residential area and notably houses one of the initial apartments accessible in the game. Initiate your journey from the spaceport, passing through security and proceeding towards the fountain. Veer left into the small alcove near Terrabrew and direct your attention to the left side to locate the elevator granting access to The Well.

Once inside The Well, maintain a forward trajectory, hugging the left side of the path and avoiding the stairs. As you progress into the central section of The Well, the Medbay will become visible on your left. Positioned in a more spacious area, this doctor offers healing services and the opportunity to purchase valuable aid items. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Gaming-related Tips And Tricks.

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