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My Hero Academia Chapter 407 Release Date, Spoilers And Where To Read!


My Hero Academia Chapter 407 Release Date: Manga lovers are already aware of the success of My Hero Academia. This manga series was first serialised in July 2014. Since then, the series has over 90 million copies in circulation. Fans are eagerly awaiting the latest release of Chapter 407. If you are one among those countless fans then you are in the right place. Here you will get detailed info about My Hero Academia Chapter 407 release date, spoilers and reading platform.

My Hero Academia Chapter 407 Release Date

The release date for My Hero Academia Chapter 407 is November 20, 2023. Here is the time-table of some of the countries :

Country/ Time
Japan 12:00 AM
South Korea 12:00 AM
India 08:30 PM
Pacific Standard Time  ( PST ) 07.00 AM
Central European Time ( CEST) 05:00 PM
New York (USA) 11:00 AM
Pacific Time ( PST ) 08:00 AM
Philippines  10:30 PM
Singapore  11:00 PM

My Hero Academia Chapter 407 is highly anticipated by fans. Following the thrilling events of Chapter 406, readers of this intriguing manga are eager to learn what takes place next.

Where To Read My Hero Academia Chapter 407?

Fans can read My Hero Academia chapter 407 on the Shonen Jump+ app. Viz Media’s official website also gives access to the readers to My Hero Academia Chapter 407. Manga Plus platform is another such platform where readers can immerse themselves in their favourite manga.

Spoilers For My Hero Academia Chapter 407.

My Hero Academia Chapter 407 spoilers are not currently available. These spoilers and raw scans and all other announcements usually start making the rounds on the internet three or four days before the official release. If any raw scans are leaked, we will update them here. 

The manga has a young man named Izuku Midoriya as the main lead. He was mocked for not having a quirk by his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo, is driven to become a hero. Following an encounter with his idol, the greatest hero in history, All Might, who was severely injured by his arch-nemesis, All For One (whose quirk allows him to steal other quirks for his use and pass them over to others at his will), chooses Izuku to inherit his quirk, “One For All,” which allows him to accumulate his raw power and pass it on to others.

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Recap of My Hero Academia Chapter 406

My Hero Academia Chapter 407 Release Date, Spoilers

Chapter 406 of My Hero Academia began with a synopsis of the other battlegrounds and their current conditions. Except the fight at National Takoba Arena, they had all essentially come to an end; Skeptic had been caught, and the civilian evacuation to Shiketsu had also been finished.

This scene shifted to All Might, who was in awe of Bakugo’s speed after Lady Nagant had finished reflecting on Rock Lock’s remarks regarding Izuku Midoriya. Edgeshot went on to say that he started to realise something crucial about his Quirk in the last moments before he passed away.

This was confirmed by Bakugo’s inner thoughts just before the scene switched to Deku and Tomura Shigaraki. In essence, Deku stated that he would only be able to overcome Shigaraki’s durability with one more Gearshift before he was defeated.

To the amazement of the self-proclaimed Demon Lord, Bakugo started to chase after All For One as he dashed towards Shigaraki. According to Bakugo, his quirk has awakened to the extent that it can now provide him with “backup” secondary blasts that can further boost his strength and speed.

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Fans are waiting impatiently for My Hero Academia Chapter 407. After making the connection to Kudo, Bakugo will probably be the target of the enraged All For One charge in My Hero Academia chapter 407. But it’s anticipated that his judgement will be too impaired to recognise that Bakugo’s quirk is developing quickly.

This provides the young hero with a chance to do significant harm. Just a few more days, after that you will be able to read My Hero Academia Chapter 407 on the official platform.

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