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How to Disable Xbox Gamebar? Try These 5 Methods in 2023!


Your chances of accidentally triggering Windows’ game bar increase if you utilize a lot of shortcut keys and have many open apps at once.

When you’re killing that early meeting, this could be annoying. Here are some methods for disabling the Xbox Game Bar on Windows in order to fix issue.

1. Change Keyboard Shortcut (Quick and Easy)

Windows + G is the keyboard shortcut that opens the Xbox Game Bar. However, you can alter the Xbox Game Bar shortcut to a different key combination if you also use the same shortcut in another program.

1. To access the Xbox Game Bar and modify the shortcut key, hit Windows + G.

2. To access the game bar settings, click the Settings icon located in the upper-right corner of the Xbox Game Bar menu.

how to disable xbox gamebar

3. Open Settings and select the Shortcuts tab.

4. Under the Keyboard area, now search for Open Xbox Game Bar. There will be a place to write in a new key combination.

5. Click on the empty area and type a new key combination that you believe won’t accidentally activate. Press one additional key in addition to Shift, Alt, or Ctrl. We’ll add it, for instance, as the key G and Shift.

6. To preserve this key combination, click preserve.

You’ll now notice that the Xbox Game Bar opens with the new keyboard combination rather than when you press Windows + G. It is Shift + G in our instance. We advise you to restart your computer and then check again if you don’t immediately notice this change.

2. Turn Off Background Activity (Stop Altogether)

Do you utilize the Xbox Game Bar for your streaming sessions, but you’re tired of your computer lagging when you’re not playing games? After that, you can switch the background activity on and off as needed for your non-gaming chores.

1. On your windows computer, click Settings (hit Winodws+I) and use the left navigation bar to select the Apps area to turn it off.

how to disable xbox gamebar

2. Open the Installed Apps menu.

3. Use the search box to look up “Xbox Game Bar.”

4. To access the drop-down menu, click the three dots icon located on the right side of the Xbox Game Bar app. Next, select Advanced Options.

5. Check the permissions for background programs. By default, it will be in Power optimized mode.

6. To set Power optimized to Never, click on it.

7. Now, look for the Terminate section by scrolling down in the same menu.

8. To end any active game bar sessions and their associated processes, click Terminate.

9. Set the Background apps permissions to Power optimized, the default setting, to enable the game bar when needed.

Although it would be convenient, there isn’t one.

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3. Turn Off in Game Bar Settings (For Controller Users)

This will prevent the game bar from appearing each time you hit the X button on your controller when using the Xbox controller to play PC games.

1. Use the taskbar’s search icon to find “Game bar,” then hit the controller settings for the game bar.

how to disable xbox gamebar

2. Now, use this controller button to turn off the toggle for the Open Xbox Game Bar.

Pressing the X button on your controller will no longer cause the Xbox Game Bar to open. Please take note that you can still access it using the Windows + G shortcut. If you would like to get rid of it entirely from your computer, follow the steps listed below.

4. Disable Using Registry Editor (Disable on System Level)

Using Registry Editor, you may also disable the Xbox Game Bar, but it’s a bit more complicated.

Note: To use the Registry Editor program, you must be the administrator.

1. Use the taskbar search icon to find Registry Editor, then select the Registry Editor application to turn off Game Bar.

2. After it has opened, copy and paste the command below into the address bar, then hit Enter.

3. The Xbox Game Bar directory will be displayed to you. Double-click the AppCaptureEnabled that you find.

how to disable xbox gamebar

4. Click OK after setting the value to 0.

Restart your windows computer, and the game bar ought to disappear at this point. If you want to delve deeper into Registry Editor, we have some really cool hacks for you.

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5. Uninstall Using Windows PowerShell (Advanced Users)

The sophisticated iteration of the beloved but archaic Command Prompt, or CMD, is called PowerShell.

  1. Use the taskbar’s search icon to look up Windows PowerShell, then select Run as administrator to launch it.
  2. After it has opened, copy, paste, and hit Enter on the following command.
  3. After running the aforementioned command, the PowerShell window will provide a list of commands. The Xbox Game Bar should be uninstalled once commands have finished running (there should be no further screen movement). The Installed Apps area of Windows settings allows you to verify this.
  4. The Xbox Game Bar can be installed from the Microsoft Store if you ever need to use it again.
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