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How to Merge Two Videos on iPhone? Try These 4 Methods in 2023!


You may also create a longer video by combining many of the brief video clips that you take with your iPhone. Adding videos on an iPhone is simple and cost-free.

It is possible to combine captivating video segments into a single video. The combined video will eventually be available for viewing or sharing on your iPhone.

The market is filled with numerous iPhone apps that combine videos. Which app would be the best for combining videos on an iPhone? How can I combine two videos on my iPhone on my own? Here are the specific instructions.

Part 1: Using iMovie to Combine Videos on an iPhone

how to merge two videos on iphone

Among the most widely used video editing apps on iOS devices is iMovie. iMovie makes it simple to edit and combine videos. It is safe and free to use the iMovie app.

iMovie is a wonderful option if you’re seeking for a professional method to combine two videos on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the iPhone iMovie app. In the Projects window, tap +.

Step 2: In the New Project window, select Movie. Go through your collection and import your video clips.

Step 3: From the bottom of the iPhone screen, select Create Movie. The iMovie timeline will automatically combine such videos.

Step 4: Emphasize the specific video file. You can apply different profiles, add background music, and add transition effects.

Step 5: Using iMovie, tap Done to combine two videos into one on your iPhone.

Step 6: To export your combined video clip, tap the Share icon and choose Save Video.

Part 2: How to Combine Live Photos to Videos on iPhone with Photos?

Actually, merging films on an iPhone is also free when using the built-in Photos app. Despite this, there isn’t a straightforward way to combine video snippets on an iPhone. Videos and live photos can still be mixed together to create a new file. Simply read this to learn how to use the Photos app to mix video clips on iOS devices.

Step 1: Launch the iPhone’s Camera app. Press the upper circle icon. You have successfully enabled Live Images on your iPhone.

Step 2: Use the Camera app to take live pictures. After that, you can access the Photos app.

Step 3: In the upper right corner, select. Select to record live images and combine them into a single video file.

Step 4: To combine multiple videos into a single video on your iPhone, tap the Share symbol and choose Save as Video.

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Part 3: How to Combine 2 and More iPhone Videos Online for Free

Using FVC Free Online Video Merger might be the quickest way to combine videos for uploading to YouTube and other websites. Videos in MP4, MOV, FLV, and many other formats can be freely combined online.

Additionally, you can directly save the bundled video using the Facebook and YouTube settings. You can finish the entire video combination using your web browser. Combining video clips from an iPhone is secure and completely free.

  1. Quickly put together a variety of online videos.
  2. Construct one video using a variety of formats and presets.
  3. Save the combined movie to your computer, iPhone, iPad, Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, and so on.
  4. No file size, quantity, or watermark restrictions.

Step 1: Start the FVC Free Online Video Merger. To use the online free video merger, select Upload Videos to Merge.

Step 2: Look through and include videos. The icons x and + can be used to manage source videos.

Step 3: Select a custom video resolution from the Resolution selection. Afterwards, select Format to change your video into other widely used video formats, such as MP4, M4V, WMV, and MPG.

Step 4: Select an output folder and click “Merge Now.” Instantaneously, the program will merge iPhone videos on a PC or Mac.

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Part 4: Top 3 Apps to Merge Multiple Videos into One on iPhone.

Is there a video combiner available for the iPhone that can combine video clips? Yes, of course, is the response. The following programs can be used to easily merge many videos into one.

Top 1: Smooth Mobile Video Merger

Using the Video Merger software, you can combine various videos on your iPhone. You can also utilize the integrated video editor. You can, for instance, include a watermark and music in the finished video. Before merging, you can also choose to reduce your video clips. You are free to share or store your finished video at a later time.

Top 2: VendiApps Video Mixer

Use Video Mixer to merge iPhone videos with their original resolution. Other filters, background music, and overlay shapes are all available. Upon selecting the Merge button, the iPhone video merger application will quickly complete the task.

Top 3: Videoshop

Beyond just a basic video combiner program, Videos shop is more. On an iPhone, you can combine videos, cut them up, add music, use slow motion, and create other unique effects. Not all tools for editing videos can be used for free.

To access the sophisticated video affects you require, you must pay. Videoshop, however, only works with local videos from iPhones and iPads.

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