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How to Change Signature on Outlook Email? A Step By Step Guide in 2023!


Microsoft Outlook continues to attract adopters in the consumer and commercial spaces, despite Gmail’s enormous popularity. Adding a signature to an email is one way to make it genuinely unique. It is possible to design a unique signature for each email you send.

You can also alter the additional signature at any time. Learn how to modify your signature in Outlook emails on desktop and mobile devices by reading on.

Change Signature in Outlook Email on Desktop and Mobile

Most people use their social media profiles or mobile numbers as Outlook email signatures, along with the names and details of their organizations. Perhaps you have a new phone number or have joined a different employer.

The Outlook email signature should be changed in that situation. in order for the recipient to keep receiving updates on your contact details and profile.

Change Signature in Outlook Email on Web

Let’s begin the list using the web version of the Outlook email program. With recent improvements like Outlook Spaces, it’s one of the feature-rich Outlook clients.

To modify the signature in Outlook Web, take the actions listed below.

1. Go to and log in using your account details.

how to change signature on outlook email

2. Press the gear in the upper right corner to access the Settings.

3. Choose to see every Outlook configuration.

4. Select Mail > Compose a response.

Your current Outlook signature can be seen under Email signature. To create a new signature, tap the text box.

We enjoy that Outlook Web offers a comprehensive text editor for creating and editing email signatures.

You may easily close the pop-up window by clicking the X button after modifying the email signature, and Outlook will then utilize the updated signature by default.

Change Signature in Outlook Email on Mac

Microsoft just unveiled a completely updated version of Outlook for Mac. The Mac program also lets you alter your email signature. This is the method.

  1. Launch Outlook on a Mac.
  2. Go to the menu bar and select Outlook.
  3. Select Signature under Preferences.
  4. There, you’ll see your typical email signature. After choosing the name for the signature, press the bottom Edit button.
  5. A new menu with text editing and formatting choices for the signature will emerge.

You can use the newly modified Outlook email signature in new emails by just closing the window after making the change.

In contrast to Outlook web, you can make numerous signatures for various purposes and save your most frequently used one as the default.

You can choose a suitable signature to match the email’s tone, subject, and recipient by clicking on Signatures at the top when you draft a new email.

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Change Signature in Outlook Email on Windows

Currently, Microsoft provides two Windows email applications. the Microsoft 365 package’s integrated Mail app and separate Outlook app. Since most business customers are already familiar with the Outlook software, we will use it in the example below.

1. Launch Outlook on a Windows computer.

2. Select the File > Options option.

3. Choose Mail > Signatures > Create or edit signatures for messages.

how to change signature on outlook email

4. Click on the existing signature and edit with the text field below. You can click the Save and then OK buttons at the bottom after making changes to the signature.

You can set up more than one signature for a single email account in Outlook for desktop. You can make several signatures and label them appropriately with terms like “Personal,” “Business,” etc.

To compose new messages and to reply/forward messages, you must select the default signature from the same Signatures selection at the bottom.

On Windows, you can select from a variety of signatures to use in your emails by selecting the Signature option at the top of the compose window.

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Change Signature in Outlook Email on Phone

The UI/UX of Outlook on Android and iPhone is nearly the same. Although the instructions below are from an iPhone, they also work with Android devices. Here’s how to modify your Outlook signature on a mobile device.

1. On your mobile device, open Outlook and select Settings.

2. Select the Mail > Signature option.

3. To remove the signature, just tap on it. To utilize a new Outlook signature on a mobile device, simply add a new email signature.

4. There are many text editing tools available in Outlook Mobile’s compose email menu, however the signature menu lacks them.

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