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When Is Boruto Chapter 81 Manga Release Date? What To Expect


Boruto Chapter 80 was exciting for fans and it marked the first half of the Boruto manga.
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Fans of Boruto be eagerly waiting for the story to reach the end of its first half and then comes the time skip. Boruto has settled that with chapter 80 and what is expected now is the post-time skip era.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the series as a whole as the story will now finally see the characters grow up. Chapter 80 paved the way for the growth of the characters and the story is expected to get more intense as strong protagonists also mean strong enemies. Here is also everything you need to know about the upcoming manga.

Boruto Chapter 81 The End Of The Timeskip Era

boruto chapter 81 manga release date

Boruto Chapter 81 is expected to be the time skip era and it means that means the fans will not get to see any of the training that Boruto and the other characters will undergo. The last chapter 80 of Boruto made it clear that Boruto and Sasuke was going on their quest out of the village and that they intend to gain strength in other to defeat their enemies and bring Kawaki back on track and also save Naruto.
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In other to gain more strength they need to train for a long time and they would train away from their village.
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Boruto is 12 years old and the Timeskip has revealed that he was 16 which means that he would be going to be 4 years long. Boruto chapter 81 might likely skip over it and not see the story go over the training periods.

boruto chapter 81 manga release date

The characters would train and grow stronger. Boruto is expected to train under Sasuke for 4 years and get much stronger. At the same time, Sarada is also expected to be training with Sakura and it looks like a perfect trainer. Mitsuki will be training somewhere else within the village and Kawaki will train within the village. However, how long he would have to train is not known yet.

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Boruto Chapter 81 The New Power Upgrades

Boruto Chapter 81 would also reveal clips from the main characters or it might be cut off it is still not clear what would happen. The time skip could also be similar to that of Naruto and fans are likely to see Boruto make a return from this time skip.

Boruto would also be seen wearing Sasuke’s cape which makes him officially his student. Sasuke also gave Boruto a sword that looks like his own sword. Boruto has also been hinted to succeed him. Fans are interested in the post-time skip era and the new rumored design of characters.

When Is Boruto Chapter 81 Manga Release Date?

boruto chapter 81 manga release date

The official release date of Boruto Next Generations Chapter 81 is set to be released on August 20, 2023. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release date of Boruto Chapter 81. Fans can be able to watch Boruto Next Generations on Crunchyroll.

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Boruto Chapter 80

boruto chapter 81 manga release date

Boruto Chapter 80 ended on a cliffhanger and many fans have been speculating and guessing what would happen in the next chapter. As we wait for the release of Chapter 82 fans all around the world are curious and they are currently in a fuzz.

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