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The Great Cleric Episode 12 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where to Read?


The Great Cleric is a fantasy anime show about Luciel, a salaryman who comes back to life as a doctor in a magical world. As Luciel moves up in the church, he tries to rid it of corruption and greed while using his healing magic to help people who are in trouble.

The series looks at forgiveness, friendship, and the search for justice in a magical world that is both detailed and morally complicated.

The date and time for when The Great Cleric Season 1 Episode 12 will be out are now known. Crunchyroll will show the episode. Here’s when the next show will air.

The Great Cleric Episode 12 Release Date!

On Friday, September 22, 2023, at 2:00 a.m. JST, episode 12 of The Great Cleric will start to show on Japanese networks. Most foreign areas will get it on Thursday, September 21, 2023, while a few will get it on Friday, September 22, 2023. Episode 12 of The Great Cleric will air at the following times in the following time zones:

Time Zone Time and Date
Pacific Standard Time (PST) 10:00 am, Thursday, September 21
Eastern Standard Time (EST) 1:00 pm, Thursday, September 21
British Summer Time (BST) 6:00 pm, Thursday, September 21
Central European Summer Time (CEST) 7:00 pm, Thursday, September 21
Indian Standard Time (IST) 10:30 pm, Thursday, September 21
Philippine Standard Time (PST) 1:00 am, Friday, September 22
Japanese Standard Time (JST) 2:00 am, Friday, September 22
Australian Central Standard Time (ACST) 2:30 am, Friday, September 22

The Great Cleric Episode 12 Spoilers!

Luciel went back to the headquarters of the Healers’ Guild, where he met Lumina and trained with her some more. After she praised him, the show skipped ahead six months to when Luciel was ready to go into the boss room on the 40th floor.

The Great Cleric Episode 12 Release Date

After beating the boss, he couldn’t go back up, so he went to the next boss on the 50th floor. When he got to the door to go in, that was the end of the episode.

Luciel seems to have reached the end of the labyrinth’s maze, so episode 12 of The Great Cleric should reveal something big about the 50th-floor boss room. Even if it doesn’t end the series, it should show that Luciel is a big step closer to finding and destroying the heart of the maze.

In The Great Cleric episode 12, Luciel should also find a way to get out of the maze, especially since the last episode showed that he was almost out of food. If nothing else, he’ll probably find an old basecamp or something similar in the maze so he doesn’t have to go back to the surface to get supplies.

The Great Cleric Episode 11 Recap!

The 11th episode of The Great Cleric began a month after the last one. Luciel had looked around the maze all the way up to the 40th floor. But he stopped before the boss fight because he had a bad feeling. He went to the Adventurers’ Guild to ask for help with the undead.

When Luciel walked in, he saw Nanaella and Monika, as well as a child from the beastfolk. Before he could ask why they were there, though, he was taken away to help heal some explorers.

The Great Cleric Episode 12 Release Date

After this, Luciel and the beastfolk child were sent to the streets, where the child showed Luciel many people who needed help. After healing them, he went to dinner with Nanaella and Monika, where he found out that they were on leave before work got very busy.

Luciel then found out that they had been writing to him the whole time, but he hadn’t gotten any of theirs. He also found out that the boss of the local Adventurers’ Guild never sent any of his letters.

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Where to watch Season 1 Episode 12 of “The Great Cleric”?

On Crunchyroll, people can watch the next episode.


“The Great Cleric” is a captivating fantasy anime following Luciel, a former salaryman reborn as a healer in a magical world. Exploring forgiveness, friendship, and justice, the show intertwines a detailed magical world with moral complexities. Episode 12 of Season 1 is set to air on September 22, 2023, revealing critical developments in Luciel’s quest within the labyrinth. Viewers can catch this pivotal episode on Crunchyroll, eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in the heart of the maze. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Anime updates.

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